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Pradyumna – The Son of Krishna (Book Review)

TheΒ book Pradyumna: The son of Krishna is a fantastic way to delve into the myriad incidents that led to the Kurukshetra war and the reasons for the war that was termed “inevitable”.

Interestingly, Usha Narayanan has done a beautiful job of keeping the readers engaged till the end. Drawing on the limitations of being born as a mortal and yet showcasing powers like the gods; the son of Krishna is constantly battling it out personally and as a Yadu. The principle of Karma is very tactfully explained in the book.

Author Usha with her Book
Author Usha with her Book

Usha’s power is in the simple yet evocative writing that involves great story telling by the central character of Narada, thereby packing up all stories into one. One can experience each emotion of Pradyumna as the story goes further.

I won’t mar the beauty of reading this book by giving a lengthy review – pick this book and read it for yourself to see why I loved it. A mythology that’s research driven can’t be ignored.



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