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In life you may have regrets, but never regret what your heart holds! – Kavita Singh

Regrets:Dream Desire Destiny, is the debut novel of Shahrukh Ahmad, published by his own publishing venture BOOKWOOF.

I had read this book in its unedited version, its name was yet to be decided and yes, there were lots of things to be edited. However, when the first copy of the edited final version came out, Shahrukh gave me the first copy.

So I re-read the story again with renewed vigour and here’s my review of the same!


The book starts with an upbeat pace about entrepreneurs trying to have their spot of sunshine among others and how their lives tangled in love doesn’t slow their pace to achieve success. The story is about living your dreams and about how some things don’t simply work out, but to have regrets for that is an endless struggle.

All the characters in the book are given ample spotlight and their roles are evenly justified. The author being an entrepreneur himself has ended the book in an open form, leaving the readers to understand the decision he made for the love of his life. Why did he choose love in this way? If you are an entrepreneur you will be able to relate to the protagonist and his twisted ways and reasons much better than others.

This book is the first that’s fiction and combines the flavor of the season – Entrepreneurship and Love. So whether you’re an entrepreneur or your loved one is – grab this book to get the best insight into the life of a startup guy.

WittyFeed has summarized it really well: “Entrepreneurs are complicated and so are their love stories. This has to be one of the best fusion of a love story with an entrepreneur.”

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