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The Immersive Project: Bookmark’D with Authors

The Immersive Project Litfest – Day 2

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While the temperatures soar Indoris gather indoor and have a stimulating time from April 1 to April 2 with The Immersive Project. Organized by the Kaffienated Koversations & Indore Diaries for the benefit of bloggers, writers, readers, content writers, etc, today’s eclectic LitFest promised to bring in lots of opportunities to think, ask, discuss, debate and reflect on multi-pronged aspects of literature and arts.
This event is part of 5 day series of The Immersive Project. This event is ideal for students, bloggers, writers, readers, reviewers, copywriters, content managers, etc.

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wp-image-1406214135jpeg.jpeg The Introduction Part!

And I am so glad that a lot of people had shown interest for today’s event. They were more interested in knowing the perspective of writers who are already published, and no doubt all of us could understand what they had to teach all of us.

wp-image-49106702jpeg.jpeg Neil tries to explain…

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The Immersive Project: Creative Writing Workshop

The Immersive Project Litfest – Day 3

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Creative writing is always considered as a writing which expresses a writer’s thoughts in a creative and unique way. It is always important for a writer to express his/her feelings easily which can be conveyed to its readers. To develop your protagonist plays an important role in writing any kind of stories.

wp-image-456807426jpeg.jpeg The founder of Kaffeinated Konversation, Kavita Singh and Richa Saxena(left)

Half Baked Beans is a verified publishing house with lakhs of followers on Social Medias, it provides you the platform to get published your work. They have been actively working with hundreds of writers; pushing them to discover new frontiers of creativity.
The Immersive Project along with Kaffeinated Konversations, Indore Diaries, and SumitOfficial is excited to collaborate with Half Baked Beans to bring to Indore, India HBB Creative Writing Workshop today on April 3, Monday.


Today’s event was facilitated by Richa Saxena who promised to equip all kinds…

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The Immersive Project: Reel Time(Film Fest)

The Immersive Project Litfest Day One covered by Sumit Official

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Cinema is playing an essential role in our day-to-day life. There are so many different kinds of films which release every week such as real life story based, documentaries, romance, erotica, history, and of course comedy.

wp-image-1942717304jpeg.jpeg The excitement it gives is amazing!

Importance of Cinema

Each kind of cinema has its defined audience which has different effects on the audiences. I think films are not made to just entertain us but it surely tells us a lot of things which we can implement in our lives. It has a lot to teach us.

wp-image-509035407jpeg.jpeg With the pretty girls. Hehe!

The knowledge we get from movies is commendable. It depends on what kind of a movie you are watching because each movie wants to tell you something, it is you who is going to take the good part from the movie to implement that in your life. We all do that, don’t…

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The Notebook *Book Review*

February fourteen ,the day would give chill to many .

Freshly bloomed carmine roses and milky white lilies will be garlanding the hands of the couples with a charismatic appearance resplendent Ferraro Rochers and vibrant gift wrappers will be dressing the occasion in a splendid mannerism .Candle lights will be escalating up to equalize the aura emitted by the moon.Altogether it would be a day of passion and obsession intertwined .To all the Bibliophiles who are on the single’s zone to lighten up your day ,  I would like to present you the book review of your all time favorite romantic novel.


So here we go……………

Blurb of the book:

North Carolina, 1946. Young Noah comes back to his birthplace after WWII to realise his dream of living in the big house near the River.
He really misses Allie, a beautiful girl he met seven years before and really loved in their short happy time together. They haven’t seen each other since then.
Destiny has decided to write a perfect love story for Noah and Allie. The most beautiful one can imagine. However, their relationship was not a fairy-tale …
“They didn’t agree on much. In fact they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other”.
The author:

Spark was born in Nebraska in 1965 and studied at the University of Notre Dame. He lives with his wife and five children in North Carolina and is commonly called “Love Poet”.

My take on the classic:

Last week when I was cleaning my book shelf with a grumpy face ,a old paperback caught my attention .Due to renting it to my peers often the book was in a not so presentable appearance .After arranging the books to proper format I just started to write the review for this much loved piece of art ,as I always say that Nicholas Sparks is an icon symbol for Valentine’s Day .To celebrate the day without him is something impossible .

Noah and Allie are the ones who connected Indian readers with Nicholas Sparks .Their mushy romance is so much more that the book wants to convey but it is true love that is exemplified.Some of the scenes are so cheesy yet heart warming .Some of the scenes are so predictable but yet it gives us a fast heart beat due to the connect we had with the characters .Noah and Allie’s love affair extends into old age, and unlike most love stories we see in books and films today, this story takes us beyond the mere beginning of a true love and all the way to the end – in the process, celebrating the sanctity of marriage.

The tone established by the narrator reveals the nature of the narrative and serves to pull in the reader by creating a sense of intimacy. This informal tone enables readers to connect with the narrator, becoming emotionally invested in the story. The informal tone and easy-to-read narrative are deceptive because the ideas and characters in The Notebook are not as simplistic. Sparks’ style enables him to both reach and connect with a wide audience.

The Notebook is ultimately an epic love story, where the underlying and most lasting message is that true love never dies. I highly recommended you to both read and watch this enchanting love story and get lost in the competing worlds of both language and imagery. Both are sure to impress.



My Review meter :

Book cover :😍😍😍😍😍


Logic :☺️☺️☺️

Writing style :😎😎😎😎

Overall :😋😋😋😋


Shelo Aura is Blogger Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. She is currently pursuing B.A Honors at Madras University. She is a quizzer who has won many awards, rotaract president of college, book reviewer, secretary of college, speaker, amateur guitarist
and knows 3 languages .

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Panorama *Book Review*

Some books don’t have a huge catchy cover but yet there was something about the way the name was written and the blurb that was provided that I had kept it on the wishlist. I didn’t realize that I had forgotten about it until Shilpi asked me whether I had read the book. So, here’s the book review now!


Panorama by Shilpi Chaklanobis is a brilliant portrayal of how simple stories can keep you engaged and yet give you a perfectly unexpected ending. Panorama explains the human behavior with its incongruencies and Shilpi has given a stripped view of human emotions.

Weighing consequences, brushing off rationality, human frailties, Shilpi portrays each character in some semblance to the phrase –

We are not what we are….

We are what we become.

If you’re in for short stories with a peek into the myriad relationships and how they shape human behavior, this book gives a perfect example of that.

Many a story in the book – I have predicted its ending – however I was outwitted by Shilpi’s twists that were totally unexpected.

Why? Why did the protagonist see the other way? Why?

I have no direct answer and yet I as a reader, am able to understand the “why” that Shilpi has hidden within the story itself. You too will be able to do that. Question yourself knowing well that the answers are provided therein.

As my reviews go, I won’t say which story has what – however I do say – pick up the book. It’s simple and unputdownable stories enamor you without getting into psycho babble. Yes, you’ll enjoy it!

Buy it from Amazon


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The Unpredictable Heart *Book Review*

As goes with all love stories around… they’re so predictable and yet Moksh claimed that it was about love with unpredictable heart and a victim too. I took the book “The Unpredictable Heart: You may be a victim” (published by Patridge India) wondering whether the author is living up to his promise or not.

The book is a romantic love story of Minrav who keeps falling in love and falling further in despair about not being successful. The book is partly fiction and partly real. And no, we can’t guess what’s real. One can say that this is the story of most of us who lead tragic love lives. However, what happens in the story? To satisfy your curiosity the blurb will be provided in the end, but right now here’s my take on the book.

What I liked:

  1. Simple language with racy style of moving the story ahead
  2. In the middle of the book one gets conditioned into knowing that he will fail in love
  3. The anti-climax was like getting a foothold suddenly at the edge of the cliff and the book ends. It was sudden and abrupt and the reader can’t do anything about it. I am curious what happens next and so I think a sequel is called for.
  4. Light reading

What I didn’t like:

  1. Mrinav is shown as introvert in the blurb characterization, however having been around introverts, I can hardly agree that introverts can crack jokes and chase girls so easily. Just because they don’t express their feelings doesn’t mean they are introvert. Puts the character perspective wrongly portrayed as introversion.
  2. In the middle of the story the predictable failing in love gets monotonous though the author continues to hold reader attention with the conversations.
  3. The book cover is predictable – they could have made it really uniquely striking to match with the title. Also, the fonts are too commonly used ones.


Overall the book is a good one-time average read ideally targeting the YA reader but its the anti-climax that’s showstopper or the book stopper. 😛

Buy it from Amazon. The blurb is…..

“The Unpredictable Heart – You may be a Victim,” is the story of a boy named Mrinav who comes from a middle-class background. Mrinav is an introvert, down to earth and a caring boy, who loves to keep everyone happy all the time.

One day, Mrinav encounters a question from his best friend, which drags him into a flashback, reminding him of his past infatuations and love. He had a series of infatuations within a short span of 7 years.

This novel is a description of how these infatuations developed into love. Love (Infatuation) at first sight, Infatuation converting into one-sided love, and then finally to departure. He was heartbroken often trying to persuade his lady loves. In his memories, Mrinav cherished the beautiful and memorable days he had of experiencing young love.

The novel plays between fantasy and reality describing how events like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and more, get converted into memorable days.

And as his time flies by, his life goes through all the usual metamorphoses. While his love-seeking heart refuses to take rest. Mrinav goes through a mixture of love, infatuations and illusive emotions. His craziness with his cab-mates while traveling to his office adds spice at different parts of the novel.

Apart from Mrinav, there are a few other characters in the story as well adding the comic relief. The group included Jatin, Suzi, Omi, Shoeb, Sanjay and Sameer. They all knew that Mrinav was sentimental, who would give party at any point of time, and that too without any reason. Jatin is keen at every instant, trying to persuade Mrinav for unusual parties almost every weekend. He, being his best friend, also takes every care that there is no one to point a finger at Mrinav.

Mrinav’s greatest undoing is his introvert nature that at one point of the novel leaves him stranded all alone. At various instances in the novel, you would feel Mrinav missing his last train in life, while flirting with girls, cracking poems and indulging in unnecessary activities.

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Teenage Diaries *Book Review*

I’m past the teenage years and this book doesn’t fit in my age bracket. However, I did reminiscence about my school and college days and how we all snapped out from our stupidity, mistakes and our emerging notions of life.



Why this book is a good read?

  • Saurabh Sharma keeps the readers hooked with this book.
  • The language of Teenage Diaries is simple and crisp enough to keep the reader engrossed in the story.
  • Ideal read for teenagers and Young Adults
  • Traces the entire journey of school days with its ups and downs
  • The amalgamation of physical, social, emotional and psychological aspects related to growing up is completely relatable
  • It doesn’t matter what culture you belong to – all teenagers more or less have same heartaches and headaches

One startling quality that’s often undermined by the parents in their teenage kids is that they’re immune to parental consultations. However, the way the teenage journey is portrayed like a reel in this book, the essential fact drawn out is that – They’re quite aware of what they’re going through. 


“Owing to a name that draws ridicules and upbringing in a typical orthodox family, Ghanshyam is an under-confident nerd. His listless life gets a shot in the arm when the coolest yet hottest girl of the school-Aneya, enters his life. But before he could even propose to his first crush, she crushes his heart for reasons unknown to him. Aimless and distraught, he finds solace in friendship as he and his best friend-Vikram, meet the ultra-rich and suave duo Armaan-a racer in the underground racing circuit, and Sandy. And thus begins Ghanshyam’s eventful transformation to GK. From the first smoke that he blows to the first punch he throws, from the first of his many kisses to the first class he misses, from the first gulp of whiskey to his penchant to everything risky, Ghanshyam starts living a life that he has not even dreamt of. But living on the edge has its own perils, and soon a series of events changes his life forever. Will GK fall of the ridge? Will his friendship survive the storm, and most importantly, will he be able to get the girl he has always loved-Aneya? Take this hilarious yet emotional joyride to live the extraordinary life of this Indian teenager and in the process, relive yours!”


You can buy the book from Amazon and get reading!!

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Pishacha *Book Review*

I had already read Neil D’Silva‘s first major book Maya’s New Husband and yes the expectations were high from him for this book  ‘Pishacha’ too. Given the kind of readers he was trying to involve in this story, I would say its not an ordinary book. After all who will bridge love with horror? No wonder, this Master of Horror doesn’t mince words.


Neil D’ Silva has efficiently and effectively done a lot with this book. I have taken off the keener points that will highlight why this book deserves great mention in the “Do Read” category:

  1. He has pushed the age criteria to a younger reader base ie. teenagers
  2. He has blended love and horror and it is no mean feat
  3. He has done a great job of explaining the ghosts and goblins in the Indian context within the story itself.
  4. Though the book starts off with horrific elements and detailing, it eases out on that as the story progresses and seamlessly blending it with the love element.
  5. Neil very subtly yet effortlessly (though I am sure he must have had to draft and re-draft so many times) showcases how fear can ally itself to the personal boundaries of knowing what you can or can’t do. Fear definitely leads to an understanding of self.
  6. The ending puts me into wonder….Will this book have a sequel? If yes, then I’m figuring out what all it would consist of…. isn’t a book supposed to do that? Make you think more? 🙂

Like always I won’t reveal the story and play spoilsport. However, my verdict is go for it! Young Adults out there… do pick up this book!


The blurb of the book to get you started on what to expect:


On the outside, he is a Pishacha – a terrifying demon compelled to eat human flesh to survive. Yet, inside, he has a tender heart that still pines for the lover of his previous human birth.

More than a century later, when he discovers that his lover has been reborn in a rich Mumbai household, and is now a beautiful woman, his heart begins to beat again with a happy rhythm.

There are monumental obstacles in his path though, the least of which is the fact that she loves another man. But, the biggest challenge is that she is human and he is demon.

To make her his, he will have to become human again; and to accomplish that, he will have to fight holy men and witch-mothers and giants, and challenge the gods themselves.

From the best-selling author of Maya’s New Husband, comes a tragic tale of forbidden love — Pishacha.


This paranormal romance is currently available as eBook and it was my first ebook read on Kindle. The paperback will be available soon. You can download the ebook from Amazon.

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Shikhandi *Book Review*

Hello there!

I’m back again with a book review this time, and we are off to a very different genre : Mythology Decoded. 
In the last couple of years,  mythology has overtaken our literary culture in the form of retelling, theological thrillers, non fiction explanations and so on. A prominent name that has risen above the usual crowd is that of Devdutt Patnaik. Not only has he brought forth hidden and unknown figures for the world to know but also has helped decode the massively daunting vedas and other indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.
I picked up the book ‘Shikhandi And Other Stories’ by him a couple of months ago, hoping to understand this ambiguous character better and boy! Was I in for a surprise!
Shikhandi is the famous Eunuch, responsible for the death of the patriarch of the Ruling family of Hastinapur : Bhishma Pitama. It was said that Bhishma had a boon to be immortal since the conditions set for his death were nearly impossible. He couldn’t be killed during the morning or the night, neither on the earth nor in the sky, neither by a man and nor by a woman. Right in the midst of the famous Kurukshetra battle between the Kauravas and Pandavas, Krishna realised that until they could kill  Bhishma, the battle couldn’t be won. In that a tricky situation, his first thought rang of Shikhandi, Draupadi’s infamous brother and the reincarnation of Amba.
This is where the story actually kicks off and delves into the origin of Shikhandi. It explores the story of Amba, who was forcefully taken away by Bhishma to get her married to his younger brother. When she is scorned by both the men in her life, she vows to kill Bhishma who spoiled her life and wouldn’t even marry her himself to save her from shame since he had vowed celibacy. When every man she requests to avenge her lets her down, she vows to someday come back and get her revenge.
This book doesn’t only end up with this particular character. Devdutt Patnaik has done a commendable job of highlighting various such queer figures and practices, so deemed ‘unacceptable’ by the Indian society today.
From Arjuna’s year in hiding as a woman to Vishnu’s many avatars, Patnaik wastes no words to condemn people who think that homosexuality is a new fad. Anyone who thinks that it’s the modern world and it’s progressive thinking that is responsible for the rise of the LGBT community should definitely give this one a go. In fact, I think this book is for everyone who underestimates our Indian culture deeming it regressive and orthodox. For someone like me it was a pleasant surprise because of its such powerful vocal for this trodden community.
Patnaik’s writing is bold, loud and unafraid which is the main reason that I absolutely loved this book. He doesn’t shirk from fighting back the conservative belief system nor from endorsing the fact that the section of people that we so famously sideline, once were accepted and proudly so by our own Gods. Witty, informative and Oh-So-Bold, this one gets a solid 5 stars from me and an added plea to read it and let others know about it. If it’s religious beliefs and our ‘sabhyachaar’ that’s holding us back and killing millions of people from this community with our narrow minded thought process, it’s time to change and realize that we were created equal for even the Gods believed so.
Until next time!

The Reviewer:

Shelly Bajwa is Content Brewer Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. Shelly has earned a postgraduate from London and is versatile, self-motivated and enthusiastic person. She has lived in Bahrain for a number of years and more recently in London, UK from where she has completed her Master’s Degree.  An ardent reader with varying interest areas especially Egyptology and classics; she loves music and dance having choreographed many dance shows in school.

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Gradients *Poetry Review*

People tend to  view the world in compartments and brackets. They tend to see the world in extremes. Like black and white. However, they fail to realize that the shifting sands of time can color the view in various hues and unfortunately these gradients go unnoticed. 

However, this book needn’t go unnoticed.

To begin with, the cover doesn’t look special but I noticed the way in which the figurative aspects were given different color tones and they weren’t too obvious. I got interested in knowing what I would get on the inside. That’s how I picked up the book “Gradients” by Swatii Chandak.Swatii Chandak.


Swatii beautifully takes the reader through various segments and layers and though they appear confounding and tad hard to decipher at first glance, once the general reader starts reading there’s no stopping. So if you’re just starting out to appreciate poetry don’t judge this book for it isn’t hard as it seems to look like.

I loved the way Swatii has explained the parts of the book and how each of these 3 together make up a great climb (I won’t put in the spoilers by showing what the explanation is, since Swatii herself tells it so beautifully in the book). The journey seems to be like the one you undertake while climbing the mountain or the depth of the ocean….getting accustomed to each layer after another and letting yourself go free in the process. However the way the poems were layered… each piece is a story in itself prodding on the reader to go ahead and delve in the protagonist’s thoughts.

Gradients is a human book of poems, each emotion building up the person that emerges in front of the reader. If you love to know more about the personality, thought process and human psyche and its reactions, this book of poems is for you. Published by Half Baked Beans, it is available on Amazon.