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The Boy, Horatio *Review*

The Boy, Horatio by Neil D’Silva is another interesting read from the master of thriller and horror fiction. Β This short story is simple in language but deals with the complexity of innocence. It’s difficult to conjure up an image of innocence embedded with evil – and the result is you don’t hate the boy, you only sympathize him along with the protagonist.


It is definitely difficult job of the author to balance out the two qualities into a single being especially when the perceptive focus is always on goodness and innocence in kids.

The story is simple without any psycho babble, yet in the end it did evoke a question in my mind – “Was that real or was the protagonist imagining?” The story doesn’t lend itself to too much of psychoanalysis – just a portrayal of events and what happens. It doesn’t point out to good – bad balance, merely stating the array of happenings.

A beautifully written short story – the emphasis of the author is always on the simplicity of language – as is evident in all his works.



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