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Kaffeinated Konversations with Soniya Kapoor

Kaffeinated Konversations Creative Content Writing Intern, Surbhi Sareen interviewed Soniya Kapoor, Founder of “Artson Publishing House “. She delves into the myriad ways in which she stood up as a publisher and an artist.


  • Why the name “Artson”?

Artson is not only about collecting stories and publishing them on paper. The purpose to start Artson is to work towards supporting artists. And that’s why the name, Artson.

  • What triggered you to start Artson Publishing?

I am a Career Coach and an international recruitment professional. After working with the best of the recruitment firms, setting up a good career in recruitments, I felt that something was missing. It wasn’t enough. I constantly kept feeling that it was not my soul’s calling. One day while cleaning my closet, I found out an old notepad. And there was it. I had written some good poems and I had never really paid attention to it. That is how I started writing consciously and got in touch with a lot of writers. Within a short time period, I found out that Writers need a lot of help professionally. Sometimes, they are clueless, sometimes they need to little push. And that is how Artson was born.

  • What kind of literature has influenced you?

Poetry. And I like non-fiction a lot. Sometimes I crave for it. Machinery, construction, Oil & Gas and chemicals, Automobile, these are the kind of words that fascinate me.

  • You conduct many online activities – one of them being “Writing Challenge”. How do you manage the creativity energy during the process of assimilating all the responses?

Let’s put it in straight words. It is a big TASK. First, I choose the writing prompts/tasks/challenges for 30 days. I am always concerned that they must match the theme and general interest of various participants. And then once we complete the challenge, I go through each entry again.

Now, coming back to your question, let’s put it this way, I feel honoured to read words of so many people. These are not just few random words. People put their heart out on the paper ( digital ). People share their inner most feelings with me. And that is the biggest source of positive and creative energy. Also, apart from arranging, managing and judging, various writing challenges, I write everyday.

  • From the closet of The Heart was like a project in which on discovering the past communication and messages, stories triggered. How close is this book to you?

This was, and still is my dream project. Whenever I think about this book, I visualise a person sitting on the floor with their closet doors open, and from the pile of the clothes, they find out an old paper that has a few things written on them. The person has a smile and tears at the same time. And that is what this project means to me. Letting go off the things, putting your heart out and share the most honest feelings of your heart.

Now, this is not just a book. We have turned it into an ever going project. We have a lot to do. (Already thinking of some ideas )

  • Ability on Wheels is a combination of real life stories and lots of facts. How did you manage to keep the pace of the writing given the fact that it’s a non-fiction book?

As I mentioned, I love non-fiction books. I have read a lot of them. So, I knew that what are the things that we must avoid. Working on this book was a challenge at first because we had to make sure that the reader should not feel lost while reading it. I first worked on editing of real life stories. And once that was done, I worked on the facts and information part. And because it had facts and important information, I had to do a lot of fact-research. And then, we did a lot of rounds of editing and re-editing. We kept the stories in simple language and facts in a very direct yet informative way. It helped us to make it a beautiful book. Working on this book was so exciting that it never felt like I was working.

  • Which other writing projects/ books are coming up?

Now, we are accepting submissions for poetry book. Also, we are coming up with a few poetry and short story collections. And soon, we might start accepting submissions for second edition of “From the Closet of the Heart”.

  • 3 writers you admire the most and why?

Robert Frost – When I was clueless, I read his poems. A lot. Charles Bukowski – For his influence on modern literature. Tony Robbins – For the fact that he is real. And when you read him, he gets too real with you.

  • Publishing world is hard on Women Publishers. Do you agree? Your comments.

I want to tell you all the good things about not feeling it this way. But, sadly I can’t. I do not feel it that way when I go to the printing press where there are only male workers, I do not feel it that way, when I have to pick up heavy boxes of books, I do not feel it that way when I have to negotiate with the logistics guy. I feel that the world gets hard when I am asked to offer discounts. When I am asked to keep my fee minimal. Reason? It is because I am a young woman, running my business alone. I have spoken to some educated people, and then I was asked not to keep the fee high and sometimes, I was also expected to work for free because, oh well, a little young girl running her startup alone. She must not earn good money.

And this happens in all the industries. So let’s look at the positive side that there is a lot of scope. If you work hard, if you provide quality work, none of it matters. Let’s not sit down and be bothered about it. Keep good people close by and keep expanding that circle.

  • When not dealing with books and publishing, what do you like to do?

I try to be a part of the outside world. The world that is connected to my personal life. And, I cook, I read. My house is 5 minutes away from lake. So, I sometimes go there for a walk. I talk a lot with my Mom. And also, I make Dreamcatchers.



Soniya Kapoor is an experienced and skilled Recruitment Professional, passionate to explore recruitment as function and industry more and more every day. Having worked independently on large scale Turnkey Projects and Independent Positions.

Artson Publishing House, based in India, is one of the fastest growing self-publishing platforms. Founded by Soniya Kapoor to help writers to realize and breathe calling of their soul. They offer a wide range of professional services like publishing, online promotions, design, editing, and distribution. Contact them at 

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I am an Addict

Yes, you heard me right. I am entangled in addiction. I can’t stop buying and reading books. I have always loved, whenever I passed by bookstore I would be tempted to buy book. When I had received my first smartphone I was content with e-books.

The first step is to admit that you’re addicted to reading.

The second step is to keep reading.

But now my temptation has become out of control. I keep buying books shamelessly and keep reading them one by one even when my exams are round the corner. Whenever I see a good book deal on Amazon, I order a book or two. Though my parents ask me to refrain, I still order book boxes, at times I order more than one box for a month. I go to Bangalore’s favourite bookstore Blossom Book House, if I plan to buy 1 books, in the end I land up paying 3 or 4 books, why? Because I got books (1st hand and/or 2nd hand) at good prices!


My friends think I’m a rich man’s daughter, but no. To buy these books I save up throughout the year, from the monies I get from relatives on festivals and birthday. I buy less clothes but I make it a point to save up as much as I can.


Is it bad to be addicted? When it comes to books, I mean… I just can’t help it. Ever since I started my bookstagram account ( ) and joined book clubs, this addiction is becoming more and more uncontrollable.

P.S. Just today I bought 2 books. After buying 2 last Friday.

I have promised myself that I won’t buy any more books until I have graduated, which I will be in one and a half months’ time. I really hope I can stand up to the promise.


Priya Bhowal is a Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. She was born and brought up in a West Bengal small town named Siliguri. Currently she’s in her final year of Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology (triple majors) from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. She lives, loves and breathes on novels, especially Fantasy, Romance and YA genres.


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To be cliché or not to be that is The question

The pillar of the story or sometimes it’s the heart and soul too. I am a proud cliché loving girl. From bad boy, girlhood stories to opposites falling in love and the main characters always falling for each other to happily ever afters to cheesy lines and love at first sight. I enjoy it all.
The sensible and non-sensible Cliché :
THE BAD BOY, GOOD GIRL STORIES AND THE OPPOSITES ATTRACT STORIES : Let’s be real who doesn’t love the chemistry between a bad boy and a good girl – the not so outgoing girl and party animal guy. The opposites attracting stories too what a pleasure it is to see people completely out of their leagues falling for each other. These are a bit unrealistic stories how often do we see this happening outside of a book ? Which leads me to another point i.e., The bad boy having a heart of gold : Obviously he’s called the bad boy for a freaking reason, right ? Like he doesn’t lack a heart but how can he change from spawn of Satan to an Angel ? That makes no sense and why does the partner has to put up with this to turn him into a human being? It is undeniably frustrating when throughout the story one of the person is insecure in the relationship. Like why are they even together then ? Being in a healthy relationship is to be sure of it. It’s natural the partners might face difficulties and become unsure but always being scared that the other is going to dump you means there is no meaning of being together. Also being suspicious of your partner just shows that you don’t even trust them in the first place.
THE LOVE TRIANGLE : It adds to unnecessary drama, even the reader gets confused – who to root for ? It’s frustrating that a character keeps on dragging the love interests. Of course it’s possible to develop feeling for two people but my point is why keep on tagging them along ? Just make up your mind and stop hurting others in the process. Or two people fighting for one why not go and find someone who knows your worth and stop pinning after a person who doesn’t have feelings for you.
SHOT OF ROMANCE IN EVERY STORY : Why not involve friendship and families ?
THE PROBLEMATIC LIFE OF A TEENAGER : It is a universal fact that being a teenager is not easy but does it always has to be a teenager who faces all the problems ? Teenagers beating the evil forces, teenager doing this and that and are the heroes. What about other age groups?
THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS IS NOW THE KICKASS FEMALE LEAD : The more the problems the female faces the more fearless and kickass she becomes in the story. I am totally in for that. Let’s be real stories with a strong female as the working catalyst are much more appreciated. It doesn’t always has to be a girl who needs saving. HAPPILY EVER AFTERS : Most of the times the readers are blessed with a happily ever after but it cannot happen all the time. It was the topic I debated on the most while categorizing. I think it varies from person to person.
CAT AND MOUSE GAME : It is fun to see the characters sweating to get to their love interest and sensible to a level. Not a trilogy long cat and mouse chase. It tires the readers to the point the readers think it’s better they remain single.
What are some of your favourite or not so favourite cliches?



Shivangi Bakshi is Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations.  Currently she is pursuing A1 German language from Goethe Institute,  New Delhi. She loves reading besides exploring new music tastes and making art. Art and books have been an escape into the whimsical world for her. 

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Kaffeinated Konversations with Bernard D’Sa

Kaffeinated Konversations Creative Content Writing Intern, Surbhi Sareen interviewed Bernard D’Sa, Founder of “Raindrops Company”He rains upon us his answers.



SS: You were a writer and still are. What experience/s put you into the publisher role?

BD: I am a poet and writer first; I write thesis and research papers. My first experience with Publishing was in 2008 where few of my works were published and since then it has been a long journey. I have interacted and met many publishers and understood the difficulties and problems they undergo; from marketing to distribution. It been easier for me to look at this publishing segment from an author’s point of view.

SS: What is your view of the future of anthology in India? Will they last or it’s just a fad?

BD: In today’s internet age everything that we see is a craze and will eventually fade away. The concept of an anthology is a brilliant one. In a book you can get 10-15 different stories written by different people from various walks of life. This in return adds spice to the book and the reader enjoys it. The paperback books are going to stay and print media will always be the favorite one even thought everything around us is digitized.

SS: What’s the best way for a writer to be published? Self-published or Traditional Publishing?

BD: There is nothing called the best way as such; it basically depends on the manuscript. In 2008 we didn’t have many publishing houses and it was very difficult to get your book published but thanks to self-publishing we have a complete access and control to what happens to our manuscript and how far you want the book to reach.


SS: What do you enjoy more? Writing or Publishing?

BD: I enjoy writing the most but publishing is fun and more interesting. You get a different story then you plan out its editing part, the book cover and then discuss with the author and create marketing plans and pre-orders and book launches and then media, reviews and book reviews. We at Raindrops take ample of time before selecting the manuscripts and drafting out a plan on its execution.


SS:  Why the name “Raindrops”. How was the concept connected to publishing?

BD: RainDrops fall on everyone. The concept we have worked out is that every drop of rain counts. For example, if the drop falls on a leaf, it turns into a pearl and when it falls on the ground, it gives out nice fragrance. I find raindrops pretty brave and they are not afraid of falling. I come from an era where self-publishing was not everyone’s cup of tea. I wanted to create a platform wherein we have both published authors and amateurs sharing the poems and stories in the same book. We have created several anthologies wherein we have taken bestselling authors and also newbies and giving them a base to establish themselves


SS: What genre do you focus on mostly? Why?

BD: We are open to all genres but we are mostly focused on Poetry and Philosophy. There are very few publishing houses that support poetry and I find poetry dying as an art form. We support poetry and have various contests to help people to find out their hidden talent. Drenched Thoughts is such a platform for people to share the poems, one liners and rhyme to the given stanzas.

SS:  Who is your favorite author? Why?

BD: Dan Brown, the amount of research he does for his books is tremendous and the way he simplifies and puts across to the readers

Jeffrey Archer, his way of narrating is mind blowing and his presentation is the best.

And I consider myself lucky because I have met both of them


SS: Your favorite books? Why?

BD: I love reading books of various genres irrespective of any particular banner or author.

All Books by Robert Frost

Dan Brown- Angels and Demons

I have read all the religious holy books.

My favourite is The Bible; it always inspires and gives solace in times of trouble.


SS: Your views on publishing industry in India and its future?

BD: The publishing industry has a long way to go. Everything related to media, news, books, movies are interconnected with the publishing industry

There are many content oriented websites, eBooks coming into the scene and many major changes are underway. Everything is just via one click. As technology advances, we can hope that the industry will grow in abundance.


SS: When not writing or publishing, what do you enjoy doing?

BD: I love music. I have a collection of soulful music. I play the guitar and entertain myself. I am very active in the music industry too.


SS:  What are your plans with RainDrops?

BD: We have just restructured the way Raindrops functions giving way to more opportunities and being more author and reader friendly. We have increased our production and also our offline distribution network. In 2017, you will see us signing new authors and also collaborating with published authors to create something new and wonderful. We will be getting into regional books like Marathi and Hindi under Arusha Books banner and poetry related anthologies and book series coming under DrenchedThoughts.

Visit our newly redesigned website




Bernard D’sa is born and bred in Mumbai but settled down in Bangalore. He has a degree in English Literature and has also studied philosophy and spirituality. He writes a blog “Beautiful Inspirations” which is instrumental in inspiring and motivating masses .He is also a prolific writer of poetry and philosophy. You can find his recent work on Amazon, Flipkart and Infibeam. 

In 2009 he introduced a newsletter called Inspirational Times which had inspirational stories, quotes, and then he introduced a small booklet called Bernard Poems that were written by him. Later on he started writing love sonnets into a book called Collector’s Guide. Soon it became very well known among his friends and they began demanding for copies of all three. It then was too difficult .So he merged all three together into one giving a complete new platform to Beautiful Inspirations. And then from newsletters to book, emails to blog, Orkut to Facebook.

Beautiful Inspirations has been a name to be remembered…. The tag line goes very well stating… One Source, Many Inspirations…. keeping God as the main source of all inspirations.

He also writes on topics of Inspiration, Business, Philosophy, Spirituality, Arts and Poetry. He is involved in NGO activities and owns a publishing house “RainDrops Company”.

Follow him on Twitter: @BERNARDDSA
Add on Facebook:
Instagram: bernarddsaa





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Kaffeinated Konversations with Vipul Madhani

Kaffeinated Konversations Creative Content Writing Intern, Surbhi Sareen interviewed Vipul Madhani, Founder of “Pustak Mandi“. He unravels his journey from then to now.

Vipul loves biking apart from delving into books

SS: How was the idea of “PustakMandi” born?

VM: Umm. Question everyone asked me and still asking. Sometimes I feel that this is why I made PustakMandi.

There is no limit of ideas in life but the one idea which can get you to achieve your dreams is difficult to find.

I always wanted to do something of my own. Like I always had a thought that what I have studied and learnt is good enough for letting me do something of my own. A boy with a thought of doing higher studies and shift to abroad has turned out in a business is something I still imagine. I always wanted to study and shift to abroad. Study for me was not just to pass exams but always it was like my passion. Though I realized it very late.

Soon after my grad, my dream of going out got shattered and ultimately I joined the Service Industry and tried hard to achieve my dreams. But what people say is correct that in IT you can’t do what you want. So soon I started my research and began to do what I am good at. Creating Web apps and researching about Online stuffs which was on the top 2 years ago. So I did lot of research and ultimately PustakMandi came into existence.


SS: Share the journey of the initial stages of PustakMandi and what it is today.

VM: My favorite thing it is.

Anything or everything in the start is complex. Higher the dreams more your struggle.

PustakMandi initially started with different idea but ultimately it went in a different way. Whole idea of PustakMandi was never for a Monetary Benefit but it was always to make a community. If I compare it with the PustakMandi which was started 2 years ago, we have diversified on a huge path and now PustakMandi is not just an e-ecommerce platform. People/Authors come here not just to purchase but they come to feel a homely shopping like they do in an actual store.


SS: With so many sites selling books and even apps too (along with giants like Amazon and Flipkart) how did you create market presence?

VM: This is common question to every entrepreneur now a day. I don’t know why this question comes whenever any new startup comes. But frankly competition word is not in my dictionary. During school days this word was something important but now this is just a word without meaning.

Must be wondering what kind of thinking I have. Now to be honest, if someone thinks that these are our competitors then they can never go ahead of them. Instead why don’t you think that you are the only one. You have to reach to the core of people. This is what I did and I am still doing. None of our features are related to other marketplaces. We are here to create our own community and that’s why we are specific to books. Now back on your question, Amazon and flipkart are doing their work and we are doing ours. Amazon was established in 1996 and they went popular in India now that to by support of Amazon US. But PustakMandi is Indian origin and doing good with its time. Also major thanks to people/Publishers/Authors who supported us in every step we kept. Soon we will be someone that people can’t stop themselves talking about us biut yes not on defeating anyone. Just being ourselves.

 SS: What’s the best thing about PustakMandi that attracts the book lovers?

VM: First of all, its name itself. PustakMandi, name says it all. Secondly its features which no site has. Plus, the facility. Now I can’t answer why we are good. That will be better answered by our customers.

 SS: You offer a range of services. Which of the services are in demand with your customers?

VM: There are many services like WhatsApp, book on request, featured books. We are coming up with more as well which have never come into existence.

We are just trying to be in sync with modern generation by keeping in mind that no old generation get impacted. We are trying to create a diversified platform which attracts both.

 SS: We know that bibliophiles find it difficult to part with their books. How comfortable are your customers in selling their books?

VM: Umm. This one is difficult. We don’t target to sell any specific book or of one author. We are a community where anyone or everyone can create his/her own attraction. We accept request of every author/Publisher/individuals. That’s what we believe. We don’t ignore anyone saying that we can’t feature them, nor we are accepting everyone. We are trying to be neutral so that no one thinks bad.

 SS: Who are the people behind PustakMandi? Do share about your team

VM: Majorly our customers/fans/Readers are behind PustakMandi. Without them it’s nothing.

But if you are asking about our core team, then they all are my best buddies of life from college. Few are unknown to me but yet dear to me. We have never met but working for and with PustakMandi like their baby. So yes PustakMandi is not because of people but it is for the people. And that’s my own life moto. To live for the people. This is just a step to reach my goal.

 SS: What are your future plans?

VM: There were lot of plans in the past like doing MS and shifting Abroad. But destiny took me here. Now if I say I need to make PustakMandi big and this is the plan, then I won’t be utmost honest as I am not god who can tell future. I am just a simple boy who is doing everything what every entrepreneur should do. No work is small or big. Just do it with full honesty. That will make your future automatically.

SS: Thanks a lot for giving your time for the interview and sharing the story of your rise in the media and publishing world!



Vipul Madhani is Founder and CEO of an online portal that connects bibliophiles in droves. Vipul started his career as a software engineer but found calling in the world of books where he felt the gap of readers and their books was wide. He founded PustakMandi on an idea and he wanted to test it. Little did he realize that it would grow more than his expectations and today he is completely devoted to rising it further.

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My Bibliophilic Confession #2

I am SO jealous of the book heroines — especially the ones in my favourite books. Now you might be asking, “Why?”

It’s because, even though their lives take unusual turns and they go through unfortunate events, certain things are picture perfect— awesome friend who live never their sides, envious love life, supportive family etc.

For example, in Vampire Diaries, Elena has two great friends – Bonnie and Meredith – who would even risk their lives for her. Also, she has both Stefan AND Damon pining for her attention. In the Wrath and the Dawn series, both Tariq and Khalid are madly in love with Shahrzad – Tariq almost even waged a war against Khalid to get back Shazi. Also, Shazi has great support from her friend Despina and her little sister Irsa.

In the Throne of Glass series also, both Dorian and Chaol develop feelings for her.

Why? I mean why? It’s so heart-breaking for me (after I finish the book). These heroines have too many people around them, and I don’t get even one!!!

There is not one friend of mine who wouldn’t backstab about me, or who doesn’t secretly hate me. There is not one who might have feelings for me. I know, strong women do not need men’s support, I always strive be a strong woman, I’m not so strong yet. But, sometimes, isn’t it nice to have someone by your side to bear your tantrums, pamper you and adore you.

Well…. Right now I can only make do with fantasies…



Priya Bhowal is a Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. She was born and brought up in a West Bengal small town named Siliguri. Currently she’s in her final year of Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology (triple majors) from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. She lives, loves and breathes on novels, especially Fantasy, Romance and YA genres.

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Confessions of Bibliophile : My Youtube Channel

Confessions of Bibliophile

Episode 6 – My Youtube Channel

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are doing well. You must be thinking that I missed the previous episode update.. Actually, the previous episode was on Drama and Classics which I did live on Facebook where I had talked about the plays I was reading..

Today’s episode is about Book tubing and my brand new channel.. Actually, we all have that youtube channel with us when we make a Google or Gmail account but people like me who are naive never get to know this.. Recently, I have been following many booktube channels like Helly’s Bookstore, Finix Post by Manpreet Kaur, The Bookworm by Anmol and Sameeksha..These beautiful people have created a trend of Vlogging, Book tubing and some of them blog about lifestyle too.. Things keep on changing with passage of time.. I thought we need some professional thingy to start the YouTube channel so I started uploading the videos on my Facebook page. Later on, I realized that I need to make it properly if I have to start, yesterday, I uploaded this unboxing video of Kaffeinated Konversations Subscription Box.. I was so excited.. Actually,  this one was January box video and February one I shall upload soon..

I am still a learner and an explorer who is trying to find new ways of life.. Coming in front of camera and talking is not anyone’s cup of tea.. I have been a camera conscious and now, I am surprised by the change in me..I confidently go live on Facebook and Instagram.. And now this YouTube channel.. I am still at a learning stage so I would be needing your support for that.. Do support me by leaving your valuable suggestions, comments and also boost my morale by subscribing to my channel..

Kavita Singh has been a blessing in my life who with her innovative ideas inspired me so much that today I am able to host a channel and also this episode..

Stay tuned for more updates.. Till then enjoy your Sunday with my confessions.. Do like, comment and share this post..

Author Note:

I am Surbhi Sareen, a bibliophile and content intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. I have started “Confessions of a Bibliophile”. This is the first episode of the series. I hope you like it. Stay tuned for more such confessions. You will get to know about many facts about the characters as well as the authors. I will surely do a salsa dance if you like, comment and share this post. The episode will be uploaded on Sundays so that you can enjoy your Sunday with my Confessions.

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The Book Tasting

Last week randomly browsing through Pinterest i stumbled upon a Pin describing wonderful and really pleasing (Mark my words!) way of engaging readers and non-readers too.

I quickly sat down with my journal and began planning.
I held my very first bookish event : The Book Tasting
This is how it went :
✔ I planned out a “Menu” with reviews of books for each person (depending on their age)
✅ Arranged some treats – Chocolate bars, Drinks (because bookish events can get boring)
✔ Put on some music
✅ I had grouped people with similar ages and organised some activities that would engage them in reading and enjoy themseleves too.
✔ In the end I asked them to write a short experience of the event and not gonna brag it was a hit.
Activities I organised :
📚 Scene depiction
📚 Writing Ups and Downs of the book
📚 One page fan fic writing
📚 Cosplay of Favourite character (s)
Here is the list of books i chose for each group :
Age  10-14
Regret and Other Stories by Guy de Maupassant
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
Age 15- 20
The Guy Next Door by Meg Cabot
Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare
A Darker Shade Of Magic by V.E. Schwab


An example of book tasting menu (Source: Pinterest) 

Shivangi Bakshi is Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations.  Currently she is pursuing A1 German language from Goethe Institute,  New Delhi. She loves reading besides exploring new music tastes and making art. Art and books have been an escape into the whimsical world for her. 

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Reading Reneé Ahdieh


I have a Instagram account dedicated to books (@pia_divergent_nerd). I check other book accounts every now and then, there are some books which are quite trending on Instagram and one of them was The Wrath and The Dawn by Reneé Ahdieh. I don’t want to be left behind when it comes to books. So I decided to read it along with The Literary Dragons Book Club (a goodreads group).



First few pages took me some time to grasp. But as I got into the flow,  I went on and on. I had planned to finish it in one sitting but my dearest college wouldn’t allow me. But whenever I got a free time or if the teacher isn’t looking much at me,  I would read. The angst, the hatred, the love, the passion in all of it, kept holding to my attention. Reneé Ahdieh is a brilliant storyteller, the protagonist is a master storyteller too. The transition in the relationship between the two central characters, from a relationship of hatred to that of unconditional love and trust is beautiful. For the entire world, Khalid is evil incarnate but only Shazi felt that there must be some secret behind it. I really admire the protagonist Shazi, she can be fearless and there are times she feels scared. She can be strong as well as vulnerable. She can surpass all odds for her loved ones.

Khalid is an extremely angry young man. His shamshir speaks more than him. He can be tough as a stone. But love can make him melt and a sharp rebuke from someone he cares about, can bring him back to his senses. His character makes me firm on my belief that an individual becomes bad or evil for a reason, circumstances that drive them to a satanic path. I never felt my heart beating so fast that it might jut out of my flesh until I read The Wrath and the Dawn. The ending had loose ends, I wasn’t satisfied so the very next day started the next book in the duology The Rose and the Dagger. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The thrill was too good for my otherwise monotonous life. The loose ends were tied but I would still read on and on and on. This book had more of magical elements than the first one. The Harry Potter feels made my experience all the more better.

I just love Reneé Ahdieh now. Her books are hyped for a solid reason. And that’s solid storytelling.


Priya Bhowal is a Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. She was born and brought up in a West Bengal small town named Siliguri. Currently she’s in her final year of Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology (triple majors) from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. She lives, loves and breathes on novels, especially Fantasy, Romance and YA genres.


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My Bibliophilic Confession

I got really fascinated by Surbhi Sareen’s Confessions of a Bibliophile weekly episodes so I thought today I will present my confessions as a bibliophile.

Here we go:

  1. I have a weakness for vampires. I know they’re supposed to be blood suckers, monsters, but I find them hot, romantic, protective, poetic; just read Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Vampire Academy, you’ll know why I love Stefan, Edward and Dimitritumblr_inline_ne7u4qj6qk1r1u6b7
  2. I have cried watching films and TV shows but till now only ONE book has made me cry and i.e. Me Before You. It’s shocking right? Even I think so, my brain needs
  3. When I am reading I always place myself as the female lead of the story and I go on imagining the scene as if it’s happening to me (I still wonder why I don’t cry!)
  4. Once my friend had asked me, “Don’t you have sexual or romantic desires?” I had answered “No”. But the reality is, I don’t have to develop desires, because whenever I read intimate scenes in books my heart beats so fast as if I’m romancing the hero. All my pleasures are met by my beloved novels. (Don’t judge me please!)
  5. I love books with bad-ass women characters. I can’t stand fainting-on-demand, flimsy female characters. Please! We women have evolved a lot!!!
  6. If I ever date, I will date a bibliophile guy. I cannot be with a man with whom I cannot discuss my most favorite things – my books.
  7. I dream of making a library in my house that every bibliophile will be jealous of.home-libraries-and-reading-nooks-s-391a671941e9a1ce



Priya Bhowal is a Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. She was born and brought up in a West Bengal small town named Siliguri. Currently she’s in her final year of Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology (triple majors) from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. She lives, loves and breathes on novels, especially Fantasy, Romance and YA genres.