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Kaffeinated Moments at The Nest Cafe

When the world knows that you are mad about coffee, they especially remember you when they have something new to try. That’s what happened yesterday. Celebrating World Beverage Day had its perks with the amazing time we had with  Ashish Jaiswal of The Nest Cafe, Indore who invited Kaffeinated Konversations to try out their new coffee that had molecular twist.

Before we tell you what we experienced, we are going to give you a brief history of the molecular gastronomy. In molecular gastronomy, the food takes up new forms. The combination of science and art of presentation both combine to create spectacular foods. The result of the blending of both science and arts leads to the infusion of technique, taste and chemistry to form new ways of creating food.

Coming to the experience, here’s what we got – Air-O-Frappe. It was coffee compressed with air leading to a frappe recipe that had lots of positives to it. Watch Ashish in action….


Now the garnishing…


Here’s the finished creation!

         The delicious Air-o-Frappe


And then another one too…


Ashish loves getting into the experimental mode in his cafe kitchen and this avante-garde coffee is the outcome of his various exploits.

We had told you about the positives of the coffee in the beginning of this article right? Well, they are:

  1. It is frothy and extremely light coffee
  2. The consistency being light, it is as dense as the normal coffee frappe during consumption
  3. It leaves the coffee taste long after it has been taken
  4. It can be made in hot as well as cold temperatures
  5. It can be mixed with other flavors too

So why wait? Head to the Cafe now… for this is the first time in Indore this kind of coffee is available. Isn’t it cool?