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The Immersive Project: Bookmark’D with Authors

The Immersive Project Litfest – Day 2

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While the temperatures soar Indoris gather indoor and have a stimulating time from April 1 to April 2 with The Immersive Project. Organized by the Kaffienated Koversations & Indore Diaries for the benefit of bloggers, writers, readers, content writers, etc, todayโ€™s eclectic LitFest promised to bring in lots of opportunities to think, ask, discuss, debate and reflect on multi-pronged aspects of literature and arts.
This event is part of 5 day series of The Immersive Project. This event is ideal for students, bloggers, writers, readers, reviewers, copywriters, content managers, etc.

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wp-image-1406214135jpeg.jpeg The Introduction Part!

And I am so glad that a lot of people had shown interest for todayโ€™s event. They were more interested in knowing the perspective of writers who are already published, and no doubt all of us could understand what they had to teach all of us.

wp-image-49106702jpeg.jpeg Neil tries to explainโ€ฆ

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