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Kaffeinated Konversations with Soniya Kapoor

Kaffeinated Konversations Creative Content Writing Intern, Surbhi Sareen interviewed Soniya Kapoor, Founder of “Artson Publishing House “. She delves into the myriad ways in which she stood up as a publisher and an artist.


  • Why the name “Artson”?

Artson is not only about collecting stories and publishing them on paper. The purpose to start Artson is to work towards supporting artists. And that’s why the name, Artson.

  • What triggered you to start Artson Publishing?

I am a Career Coach and an international recruitment professional. After working with the best of the recruitment firms, setting up a good career in recruitments, I felt that something was missing. It wasn’t enough. I constantly kept feeling that it was not my soul’s calling. One day while cleaning my closet, I found out an old notepad. And there was it. I had written some good poems and I had never really paid attention to it. That is how I started writing consciously and got in touch with a lot of writers. Within a short time period, I found out that Writers need a lot of help professionally. Sometimes, they are clueless, sometimes they need to little push. And that is how Artson was born.

  • What kind of literature has influenced you?

Poetry. And I like non-fiction a lot. Sometimes I crave for it. Machinery, construction, Oil & Gas and chemicals, Automobile, these are the kind of words that fascinate me.

  • You conduct many online activities – one of them being “Writing Challenge”. How do you manage the creativity energy during the process of assimilating all the responses?

Let’s put it in straight words. It is a big TASK. First, I choose the writing prompts/tasks/challenges for 30 days. I am always concerned that they must match the theme and general interest of various participants. And then once we complete the challenge, I go through each entry again.

Now, coming back to your question, let’s put it this way, I feel honoured to read words of so many people. These are not just few random words. People put their heart out on the paper ( digital ). People share their inner most feelings with me. And that is the biggest source of positive and creative energy. Also, apart from arranging, managing and judging, various writing challenges, I write everyday.

  • From the closet of The Heart was like a project in which on discovering the past communication and messages, stories triggered. How close is this book to you?

This was, and still is my dream project. Whenever I think about this book, I visualise a person sitting on the floor with their closet doors open, and from the pile of the clothes, they find out an old paper that has a few things written on them. The person has a smile and tears at the same time. And that is what this project means to me. Letting go off the things, putting your heart out and share the most honest feelings of your heart.

Now, this is not just a book. We have turned it into an ever going project. We have a lot to do. (Already thinking of some ideas )

  • Ability on Wheels is a combination of real life stories and lots of facts. How did you manage to keep the pace of the writing given the fact that it’s a non-fiction book?

As I mentioned, I love non-fiction books. I have read a lot of them. So, I knew that what are the things that we must avoid. Working on this book was a challenge at first because we had to make sure that the reader should not feel lost while reading it. I first worked on editing of real life stories. And once that was done, I worked on the facts and information part. And because it had facts and important information, I had to do a lot of fact-research. And then, we did a lot of rounds of editing and re-editing. We kept the stories in simple language and facts in a very direct yet informative way. It helped us to make it a beautiful book. Working on this book was so exciting that it never felt like I was working.

  • Which other writing projects/ books are coming up?

Now, we are accepting submissions for poetry book. Also, we are coming up with a few poetry and short story collections. And soon, we might start accepting submissions for second edition of “From the Closet of the Heart”.

  • 3 writers you admire the most and why?

Robert Frost – When I was clueless, I read his poems. A lot. Charles Bukowski – For his influence on modern literature. Tony Robbins – For the fact that he is real. And when you read him, he gets too real with you.

  • Publishing world is hard on Women Publishers. Do you agree? Your comments.

I want to tell you all the good things about not feeling it this way. But, sadly I can’t. I do not feel it that way when I go to the printing press where there are only male workers, I do not feel it that way, when I have to pick up heavy boxes of books, I do not feel it that way when I have to negotiate with the logistics guy. I feel that the world gets hard when I am asked to offer discounts. When I am asked to keep my fee minimal. Reason? It is because I am a young woman, running my business alone. I have spoken to some educated people, and then I was asked not to keep the fee high and sometimes, I was also expected to work for free because, oh well, a little young girl running her startup alone. She must not earn good money.

And this happens in all the industries. So let’s look at the positive side that there is a lot of scope. If you work hard, if you provide quality work, none of it matters. Let’s not sit down and be bothered about it. Keep good people close by and keep expanding that circle.

  • When not dealing with books and publishing, what do you like to do?

I try to be a part of the outside world. The world that is connected to my personal life. And, I cook, I read. My house is 5 minutes away from lake. So, I sometimes go there for a walk. I talk a lot with my Mom. And also, I make Dreamcatchers.



Soniya Kapoor is an experienced and skilled Recruitment Professional, passionate to explore recruitment as function and industry more and more every day. Having worked independently on large scale Turnkey Projects and Independent Positions.

Artson Publishing House, based in India, is one of the fastest growing self-publishing platforms. Founded by Soniya Kapoor to help writers to realize and breathe calling of their soul. They offer a wide range of professional services like publishing, online promotions, design, editing, and distribution. Contact them at 



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