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Kaffeinated Konversations with Bernard D’Sa

Kaffeinated Konversations Creative Content Writing Intern, Surbhi Sareen interviewed Bernard D’Sa, Founder of “Raindrops Company”He rains upon us his answers.



SS: You were a writer and still are. What experience/s put you into the publisher role?

BD: I am a poet and writer first; I write thesis and research papers. My first experience with Publishing was in 2008 where few of my works were published and since then it has been a long journey. I have interacted and met many publishers and understood the difficulties and problems they undergo; from marketing to distribution. It been easier for me to look at this publishing segment from an author’s point of view.

SS: What is your view of the future of anthology in India? Will they last or it’s just a fad?

BD: In today’s internet age everything that we see is a craze and will eventually fade away. The concept of an anthology is a brilliant one. In a book you can get 10-15 different stories written by different people from various walks of life. This in return adds spice to the book and the reader enjoys it. The paperback books are going to stay and print media will always be the favorite one even thought everything around us is digitized.

SS: What’s the best way for a writer to be published? Self-published or Traditional Publishing?

BD: There is nothing called the best way as such; it basically depends on the manuscript. In 2008 we didn’t have many publishing houses and it was very difficult to get your book published but thanks to self-publishing we have a complete access and control to what happens to our manuscript and how far you want the book to reach.


SS: What do you enjoy more? Writing or Publishing?

BD: I enjoy writing the most but publishing is fun and more interesting. You get a different story then you plan out its editing part, the book cover and then discuss with the author and create marketing plans and pre-orders and book launches and then media, reviews and book reviews. We at Raindrops take ample of time before selecting the manuscripts and drafting out a plan on its execution.


SS:  Why the name “Raindrops”. How was the concept connected to publishing?

BD: RainDrops fall on everyone. The concept we have worked out is that every drop of rain counts. For example, if the drop falls on a leaf, it turns into a pearl and when it falls on the ground, it gives out nice fragrance. I find raindrops pretty brave and they are not afraid of falling. I come from an era where self-publishing was not everyone’s cup of tea. I wanted to create a platform wherein we have both published authors and amateurs sharing the poems and stories in the same book. We have created several anthologies wherein we have taken bestselling authors and also newbies and giving them a base to establish themselves


SS: What genre do you focus on mostly? Why?

BD: We are open to all genres but we are mostly focused on Poetry and Philosophy. There are very few publishing houses that support poetry and I find poetry dying as an art form. We support poetry and have various contests to help people to find out their hidden talent. Drenched Thoughts is such a platform for people to share the poems, one liners and rhyme to the given stanzas.

SS:  Who is your favorite author? Why?

BD: Dan Brown, the amount of research he does for his books is tremendous and the way he simplifies and puts across to the readers

Jeffrey Archer, his way of narrating is mind blowing and his presentation is the best.

And I consider myself lucky because I have met both of them


SS: Your favorite books? Why?

BD: I love reading books of various genres irrespective of any particular banner or author.

All Books by Robert Frost

Dan Brown- Angels and Demons

I have read all the religious holy books.

My favourite is The Bible; it always inspires and gives solace in times of trouble.


SS: Your views on publishing industry in India and its future?

BD: The publishing industry has a long way to go. Everything related to media, news, books, movies are interconnected with the publishing industry

There are many content oriented websites, eBooks coming into the scene and many major changes are underway. Everything is just via one click. As technology advances, we can hope that the industry will grow in abundance.


SS: When not writing or publishing, what do you enjoy doing?

BD: I love music. I have a collection of soulful music. I play the guitar and entertain myself. I am very active in the music industry too.


SS:  What are your plans with RainDrops?

BD: We have just restructured the way Raindrops functions giving way to more opportunities and being more author and reader friendly. We have increased our production and also our offline distribution network. In 2017, you will see us signing new authors and also collaborating with published authors to create something new and wonderful. We will be getting into regional books like Marathi and Hindi under Arusha Books banner and poetry related anthologies and book series coming under DrenchedThoughts.

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Bernard D’sa is born and bred in Mumbai but settled down in Bangalore. He has a degree in English Literature and has also studied philosophy and spirituality. He writes a blog “Beautiful Inspirations” which is instrumental in inspiring and motivating masses .He is also a prolific writer of poetry and philosophy. You can find his recent work on Amazon, Flipkart and Infibeam. 

In 2009 he introduced a newsletter called Inspirational Times which had inspirational stories, quotes, and then he introduced a small booklet called Bernard Poems that were written by him. Later on he started writing love sonnets into a book called Collector’s Guide. Soon it became very well known among his friends and they began demanding for copies of all three. It then was too difficult .So he merged all three together into one giving a complete new platform to Beautiful Inspirations. And then from newsletters to book, emails to blog, Orkut to Facebook.

Beautiful Inspirations has been a name to be remembered…. The tag line goes very well stating… One Source, Many Inspirations…. keeping God as the main source of all inspirations.

He also writes on topics of Inspiration, Business, Philosophy, Spirituality, Arts and Poetry. He is involved in NGO activities and owns a publishing house “RainDrops Company”.

Follow him on Twitter: @BERNARDDSA
Add on Facebook:
Instagram: bernarddsaa







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