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The Book Tasting

Last week randomly browsing through Pinterest i stumbled upon a Pin describing wonderful and really pleasing (Mark my words!) way of engaging readers and non-readers too.

I quickly sat down with my journal and began planning.
I held my very first bookish event : The Book Tasting
This is how it went :
✔ I planned out a “Menu” with reviews of books for each person (depending on their age)
✅ Arranged some treats – Chocolate bars, Drinks (because bookish events can get boring)
✔ Put on some music
✅ I had grouped people with similar ages and organised some activities that would engage them in reading and enjoy themseleves too.
✔ In the end I asked them to write a short experience of the event and not gonna brag it was a hit.
Activities I organised :
📚 Scene depiction
📚 Writing Ups and Downs of the book
📚 One page fan fic writing
📚 Cosplay of Favourite character (s)
Here is the list of books i chose for each group :
Age  10-14
Regret and Other Stories by Guy de Maupassant
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
Age 15- 20
The Guy Next Door by Meg Cabot
Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare
A Darker Shade Of Magic by V.E. Schwab


An example of book tasting menu (Source: Pinterest) 

Shivangi Bakshi is Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations.  Currently she is pursuing A1 German language from Goethe Institute,  New Delhi. She loves reading besides exploring new music tastes and making art. Art and books have been an escape into the whimsical world for her. 



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