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My Bibliophilic Confession

I got really fascinated by Surbhi Sareen’s Confessions of a Bibliophile weekly episodes so I thought today I will present my confessions as a bibliophile.

Here we go:

  1. I have a weakness for vampires. I know they’re supposed to be blood suckers, monsters, but I find them hot, romantic, protective, poetic; just read Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Vampire Academy, you’ll know why I love Stefan, Edward and Dimitritumblr_inline_ne7u4qj6qk1r1u6b7
  2. I have cried watching films and TV shows but till now only ONE book has made me cry and i.e. Me Before You. It’s shocking right? Even I think so, my brain needs
  3. When I am reading I always place myself as the female lead of the story and I go on imagining the scene as if it’s happening to me (I still wonder why I don’t cry!)
  4. Once my friend had asked me, “Don’t you have sexual or romantic desires?” I had answered “No”. But the reality is, I don’t have to develop desires, because whenever I read intimate scenes in books my heart beats so fast as if I’m romancing the hero. All my pleasures are met by my beloved novels. (Don’t judge me please!)
  5. I love books with bad-ass women characters. I can’t stand fainting-on-demand, flimsy female characters. Please! We women have evolved a lot!!!
  6. If I ever date, I will date a bibliophile guy. I cannot be with a man with whom I cannot discuss my most favorite things – my books.
  7. I dream of making a library in my house that every bibliophile will be jealous of.home-libraries-and-reading-nooks-s-391a671941e9a1ce



Priya Bhowal is a Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. She was born and brought up in a West Bengal small town named Siliguri. Currently she’s in her final year of Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology (triple majors) from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. She lives, loves and breathes on novels, especially Fantasy, Romance and YA genres.



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3 thoughts on “My Bibliophilic Confession

  1. I agree with so many of your points here, especially having a bibliophile boyfriend. Being able to go through life with someone that loves something as nuisanced as books can be is a beautiful thing!


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