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Kaffeinated Konversations with Dipankar Mukherjee

Kaffeinated Konversations Creative Content Writing Intern, Surbhi Sareen interviewed Dipankar Mukherjee, Founder of “Readomania“. He has given us a sneak peek into his thoughts.

Dipankar Mukherjee



SS: What made you start Readomania? 

DM: The love of reading and writing and the belief that the world needs good books to bring back sanity, made me start Readomania. We all live in chaotic times with lower attention span and fast lives. However, such a pace is not sustainable, it leads to insanity. Books/good stories come in handy in such a situation. They help us slow down, take a break, rejuvenate and start again-in short help us stay sane.

SS: Do you target specific kind of writing or are open to any genre/category?

DM: We publish good authors in meaningful anthologies, novels and works of narrative non-fiction. Our books stand out for their perspectives, the plots, the language and most importantly their ability to enrich lives. If the writing is in line with our principles, as stated above, we welcome the content, genre is not a gating criteria.

SS: If anyone wants to submit to Readomania, what are the essentials they need to know to get noticed?

DM: Ask yourself, does your idea have the power to change lives? Does your writing have the ability to influence thoughts? Can your narration create a whole new world for the reader? If Yes, Readomania is at your service.

While evaluating, we look at the central theme, the plot, the characters and the narration. A lot more information is available at the link given below,,92


SS: What do you love the most? Managing a publishing house or managing a wonderful resort in Uttarakhand?

DM: I love traveling and reading, so both are close to me. However, I cherish the Creative Writing Workshops that I conduct at Faraway Renz, the best of both these worlds come together. Faraway Renz is peaceful, helps me connect to myself and bring in conviction in what I do. Publishing is what my conviction is.

SS: Many of your writers have been recipients of awards and honors ie. Sutapa Basu, Radhika Tabrez and Ayan Pal. How do you feel?

DM: Happy and Satisfied. Readomania is a mission to bring more authors to the forefront and give them the recognition they deserve. Seeing these authors win accolades is realizing that we are on the right track.

SS: Any favourite author you wish to publish?

DM: Well, we are in the business of creating new favourites. We prefer looking at new talent and helping them grow big.

SS: As a publisher what is the hardest part in dealing with the author?

DM: Convincing authors to go reasonable on marketing and keep them away from so called “marketing experts”

SS: Your views on the current as well as future scenario of publishing industry.

DM: Indian publishing industry is in a strange situation. One can’t make money by being honest and true to the cause, one can only fulfill dreams and be socially important (read as prestige).

There is a lot of growth in publishing, but that comes more from educational books and non-fiction. Fiction is the bottom of the pyramid, small market, low growth and filled with the muck of unreadable stuff published through self-financed modes.

Everyone is an author and everyone can write. However, are they worthy of being read by people? That is a subjective call. The role of a publishing house here is important. They act as a basic filter for readers – to sift through the good, bad and ugly and publish the best. Many may say that such an approach is not correct and hence self-publishing came by. However, with self-publishing the onus of selecting the right content has shifted from the publishing house to the reader. We may call it ‘choice’ but it is actually a burden on the reader.

This is why people are wary of picking new authors and new publishers. However, with good content and sustained efforts in quality management, one can build a brand that is trustworthy.

SS: Coming out with many titles and promotional activities and also managing the resort how do you unwind?

DM: I read books. I watch cartoon and animated movies with my daughter. I spend time in our office library. We have a wonderful collection of books in our office library.

SS: Something not many people know about you.

DM: I love dancing, traveling in a train, eating street food and indulging in family gossip. 😉

SS: Thanks a lot for giving your time for the interview and revealing about yourself in the end! 😀



Dipankar Mukherjee is the founder of one of the fastest growing Independent publishing houses in India, Readomania. A management graduate from IIT Madras, Dipankar has worked for the consulting industry for almost eight years, for organizations like IBM and Ernst Young. He quit his corporate life in 2013 and started work on his literary venture. Within a span of 18 months, Readomania has launched 20 books, and is a Limca Record holder for publishing India’s First Composite Novel. Readomania has a following of 15000+ readers and authors. He also runs a writing retreat in the Himalayas by the name of Faraway Renz.



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