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International Book Giving Day


It’s February 14th. Love is in the air, and streets are all adorned in red. Well planned surprises are being executed, and the last to the party are doing a rushed shopping. From flowers to teddy bears and chocolates to every other thing that the lovey-dovey couples drool over are going to be high on demand. But, I am not here to talk about Valentine’s day. Thanks to the overrated attention to this day for “lovers”, there is a very important factor of February 14th, that’s getting buried under the bush.

What exactly is The International Book Giving Day?


Yes, what a lot of people don’t remember, and most unfortunately, what a vast majority do not know is that February 14th is also International Book Giving Day. Thought it originated in the United Kingdom, The International Book Giving day has been widely followed all over the world, including India, as it emphases on providing children with as many books as possible. It not just helps to provide children with books; it also tries to instill a reading habit in young minds.


Need for donating books


In spite of having a compulsory primary education policy in India, only 50% of kids have access to education. According to India Literacy Project,

“The need for donating books arise because, many children from low income groups have access to a low quality of education. They do not have the opportunity, and also cannot afford to practice reading and develop language proficiency. With their poor state, most schools in rural areas cannot provide these opportunities either”

As long as they are not capable of reading effectively, they will not be able to learn any subjects. It is clear that it’s not free education, but the quality of education that matters. When many of us have the greatest privilege to read books accord to our wishes, it is only humane to do something for the underprivileged children. The International Book Giving day aims at just that.

What you can do


You may not even have to spend a penny for this. If you look closely, you will find a number of books lying around your house, that you have no absolute need of. How can you use these books to help others?

  • Gift these books to your younger siblings, cousins or kids of your friends, and instill a habit of reading in them.
  • Donate the books to libraries or any organisation that will donate the books to the needy.
  • Donate books to schools and orphanages

What we do


Kaffeinated Konversations provides a platform where everyone can access books. Our recently established library, called the KK Libros, accepts donations in the form of books and just very recently got over 80 books as donations. Better yet, we are partnered with Seva Sahyog, an Indore based NGO that aims at engaging socially conscious corporate, groups and individuals, with NGOs of matching interests. The donations sent to Kaffeinated Konversations will go to Seva Sahyog. They not only give the books to the ones in need, but also impart skills to the poor, especially beggars. And in return for your donations, Seva Sahyog will send some gifts your way.


So, today, let’s spread the love of a different kind. Instead of spending lavishly on goodies for a person you may not even remember five years from now, on this book giving day, spend zero to a few bucks on books for someone who is really in need of it. Cause, for some of these kids, you are gifting them nothing less than a bright future.



The Writer:

Reethu Ravi is Content Brewer Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. She is pursuing BTech in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding. An ardent reader and a passionate writer, she is also a self taught artist. Hailing from Kerala, her interests include music, movies and series.



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