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Confessions of a Bibliophile- Book Culture

Bibliophiles follow a recent trend known as ‘Book Culture’. Well, Book Culture is a trend made by book lovers where they update pictures of books along with some accessories. These accessories can be bookmarks, food, lights, beads, candles, funkoo pops etc.


Bookmarks were earlier really simple but now there are trendy bookmarks that surely add life to the book. Sometimes, some authors design bookmarks according to their book which has a bookmark stating the cover of the book.


Funkoo Pops

Many of you find this term alieanted and trust me, even I was not familiar to this until I came across @bookwormhelly‘s  pic. She was so excited about this funkoo pops that she took part in many contests on instagram. Funkoo Pop is a toy which is expensive and it can be Hermoine, Harry Potter, etc. They look really cute and I wish to have it someday.

Pic Source: Funkoo Pops of Bookworm Helly



I never thought that candles can be used as a decoration for books as well. I noticed it when I got Kaffeinated Konversations book box. The fragrance is really amazing. Some of the accounts have candle stores so you can order them. These candles are cheap as well as expensive. But you can make your own candles, yes watch the tutorials on You tube.

Vanilla Scented T- Light Candle in Kaffeinated Konversations December Book Box



I have so many beads at my home. I used to use it for my art and craft work but again I had no clue that we can use them for clicking fascinating pics with books. These days everything is possible. Even I tore my hair band’s beads and used them for decoration.

Pic Source: Kim Zimmermen on Instagram


Once I saw a picture on Instagram which had an opened book and there was lightening. Further, another picture had a decorating lightening that had a caption ‘ I Love Books’.

Pic Source: Pinterest (Unknown)

Tea and Coffee

These days teas are also used for making the books look classy. Some use tea leaves, while some have a self made tea as a showcase. They look super cool. There is a store named Gusto that make amazing teas. You can find them on Further, a cup of coffee is always a happening combo. I prefer black or espresso coffee while reading a book.



Author’s Note: I am Surbhi Sareen, a bibliophile.  I follow this culture religiously. What about you guys? If you have some other happening ideas then do share in the comments below. Thank you for following my confessions. Stay tuned for more such confessions and would appreciate it, if you like, comment and share. It gives me a reason to do some bhangra 😉




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