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The need for diversity in reading

What does that even mean ? You know a person like me, who recently got into reading and mind you reading for fun, is a newbie to this big wide world of reading. It’s difficult to choose what appeals to you and what could be better than preference. What I am trying to say is reading a book is a thing, expanding your horizons of reading is a step ahead.
I am still new to the bookstagram, booktube world but the thing that made me a part of it all was my love and devotion to not just the printed matter but also the plot, characters, setting and all that fun stuff we discover while reading a book tucked in a cozy blanket or on a sunny day on the outside balcony.
Not to wear off the topic, I must remind you : reading what you love to read is fine but trying things that enhance you as a person is necessary. This sounds pish- posh but trust me in today’s advancing literature not only do Dickens and Austen matter but authors that are not reaching a high point yet have written brilliant works, stand a chance too.
As of now diversity in reading can be understood as exploring new genres and going deep, extracting books people aren’t aware of.
A topic that did catch my attention while searching for diverse reads was Mental Illness.
How many times it has been we have read a book about anxiety, depression or any sorts of ailments and we haven’t put forth it as a book that could be a game changer. Maybe 20-30% of the readers divulge into these topics and do find it resourceful. The rest are still stuck with the old reading patterns. But is it not against moving forward, we should not leave these topics in the dark.
I discovered this really brilliant way you can incorporate some diverse reads into your TBRs.
The diversity bingo I found is an awesome way to bring out those hidden gems and gush on with your friends over coffee or even on bookstgram or other social media platforms.
As a reader I do wish I could find a book that most people don’t know about and i can tell them “You are a reader ?”
“Try this book. Hope it changes something about you”
Or maybe that’s just me.
Topic sensitive to society should not be neglected.
Add one diverse book into your reading pile and let me know was it worth a try ? I hope it is.

Shivangi Bakshi is Creative Content Writing Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations.  Currently she is pursuing A1 German language from Goethe Institute,  New Delhi. She loves reading besides exploring new music tastes and making art. Art and books have been an escape into the whimsical world for her. 



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