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Episode 3- Classics or New Age Romantics?

My teachers have always advised me to read classics as according to them, if you want to improve or learn something then its the classics that are important. They call New Age Romantics a crap because they think all they have to talk about is, love story, breakups, patch ups, sexual content and many more.

I am not challenging my teachers because I respect my teachers a lot but I always have one question that hovers over my mind. It is big confusion time for me as I belong to a group of New Age Romantics while my teachers belong to a time where they have read only classics. So for them this simple, cool hi-fi language is not appropriate. They don’t approve of the slangs used these days. I was talking about the question so I shall come to that.

I feel that what these mind blowing classicists like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Henry James, John Steinbeck, Aristotle, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath etc wrote highlighted the influence of their society. We all know about Nihilism in Fathers and Sons where Arkady and Bazarov belonged to Nihilist society. Charles Dickens wrote about the poor conditions of England. Further, Jane Austen wrote about limited range of characters and the marriage proposals. Emile Bronte wrote about the revenge theme in Wuthering Heights. So, when Neil D’Silva writes about horror, domestic abuse, Aghoris; when Sundari Venkatraman writes about Marriages in India; when Rubina Ramesh writes about various aspects of Indian society which nobody has dreamed of; when Sudeep Nagarkar writes about Lesbianism, bullying; Novoneel Chakraborty writes about a Stranger changing someone’s life why such ideas or thought processes are not accepted peacefully?

I know these people can nowhere match those classic style of writing. This is because they have their own concept of writing and a style which makes them unique. Yes, at times those lovey dovey scenes are seen in some of the novels but still they have written about the society where they live in. Child abuse is a topic which nobody talks of in open in India. Lesbianism is still a taboo. I still remember when Kirtida Gautam came up with her novel Iam16IcanRape, some of the people criticized it. But I feel she had the guts to write about something which people don’t even dare to talk about. When it comes to classics there are some of the authors who have followed their own patterns and they were away from those rat race authors who talk about same things. I can recall of Henry James who wrote Daisy Miller, a novella, nobody could have thought of that he would come up a diverse contrast between European culture and American culture. Similarly, when Kavipriya Moorthy wrote Dirty Martini, a novel based on someone’s individuality and an erotica, which is considered as a taboo. She surely did something which nobody has done. Then how can I forget Shikha Kaul, her experiments of novels that surely move you. Riots of love which brings a lot of awareness and is inspired from Avi Dandiya who wants to unite the people, doesn’t matter which cast they belong to. Even Preeti Shenoy’s novel, Its all in the Planets gave a new meaning to life by using the concept of Planets and their behavior.

We can’t call these people and their novels a crap because they have surely brought some change in the society with their works. They might not be the bestsellers or the hit stars like these classicists but they have their own place. They are not here to take anyone’s place; in fact they have made a special corner in our hearts.

I strongly feel both are special in their own way and we should appreciate it. If we are in love with classics we should not call New Age Romantics a crap and vice versa.


Author’s Note:

Hi! I am Surbhi Sareen, a bibliophile. I have started “Confessions of a Bibliophile”. This is the third episode of the series. I guess this confession got bit serious and heavy. I have quoted many people whose books I have read and reviewed. All my views are based on my own research. If you liked my thoughts then do like, comment and share because this confession is a strong message which I want to convey to the readers who have their own notions about this type. You can lay down your feedback in the comments below. Stay tuned for more episodes!



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5 thoughts on “Episode 3- Classics or New Age Romantics?

  1. Reblogged this on Raga's Voice and commented:
    My teachers have always advised me to read classics as according to them, if you want to improve or learn something then its the classics that are important. They call New Age Romantics a crap because they think all they have to talk about is, love story, breakups, patch ups, sexual content and many more. Follow This post and stay tuned..:)


  2. All I can say that I am honored 🙂 But as I said in the FWBA, we can only work (in this case writing) according to what we see in our society. Life has changed so much from the 16th century yet emotions like love, hate and passion are very primal. We cannot change those. So situations may vary but actions remain the same. Bolder. But same nonetheless. Interesting post btw.

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  3. Hi Surbhi, thank you for the mention. Classics have their place while I have also carved a niche for myself. Every author writes about the time and country they live in, in the genre of their preference. At the end of the day, it’s the reader who has to decide what she wants to read. 😀
    I prefer a good balance of both the classics and new writing. Calling novels crap is an extremely narrow minded perspective. I can only say that I feel sorry for the person who says so. They don’t know what they are missing 😀

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