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Tips to Read More by Aishwarya Rajeev

Hey guys, do you think you read less ? do you want to read more ?

You wish you could read more ?? but fail at times ??

Well I have a few tips for you guys which will help you to read more. These are tips I usually follow to read more.

  1. Set a Goal/Target:

                          The first thing to do is to set a reading goal – monthly target, yearly target. You may set goals in numbers that are realistic like – “ read 50 books in 2017 / read  5 books a month” or set a more specific goal “ read 1 classics, 2 contemporary reads, 2 sci- fi this month” etc .


How to set a goal: Setting a goal is easier with Goodreads, all you have to do is sign up for the reading challenge and keep yourself motivated to reach the goal.


  1. Set a Reading schedule:

After setting up your reading goal for the year, it is important to set a reading schedule. You set what  time of the day and where will you most likely find it productive to read a book. ( I personally choose to read before bed and mostly evenings and during free hours at college.) So choose a time and place to read that comforts you.


  1. Select Books:

The next step is to select the books to read to help you accomplish the goal. It is suggested to choose books of your favourite genre than to read any uninteresting genres.


  1. Set the No. of pages:

                         It is important to set the number of pages you want to read every day, because doing so helps you read more consistently, and helps you read faster.


  1. Buy more Books:

                         Sometimes buying more books motivate you to read more and finish your books faster. When you see your growing  TBR pile, you are motivated to read faster.


  1. Avoid distractions:

                           It is important to ensure you choose to read from a place away from distractions, because when you are distracted you fail to read faster, it slows down your reading process.


  1. Read Multiple books:

                          Reading multiple books at a time help you read more books on an average. I personally choose 2 books of different genres so that the plots don’t mix up.


  1. Reading Challenges:

                         Join different reading communities and try and do the various challenges hosted by them. Goodreads and Instagram communities are (My favourite) two great platforms to discover various reading challenges which help you read faster.


  1. E-books/ Audiobooks:

                        There are times when you cannot always carry a physical book, during that course of time you can read a couple of books on Kindle, or listening to audiobooks while you are engaged in some other activity helps a few people to read more.


  1. Always carry a book:

                        If you want to read more, carry a book with you always. You will never know when you get time. You  can read when you travel to and fro school/college/work, and free time. (Trust me I always do this, and it helps)


Hope these tips help you in reading relatively more and faster. Reading is fun, reading helps us have a clear, happy and imaginative mind.


Wish you achieve your reading goal this year.

 Happy reading 2017

Reading is dreaming with open eyes

Author Bio:

Aishwarya hails from Bangalore. She is a voracious reader and a blogger and also a booktuber. She has a booktube channel named love2reviewbooks. She is also a active bookstagrammer on Instagram. She reads more of Indian authors books, since she feels that even they need to be promoted and appreciated like any foreign authors.



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