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Kaffeinated Konversations with Yadvender Singh Rana

When you have an artist who is also a fitness freak what do you get?

A combustion of ideas!

Yes… Yadvender Singh Rana, is a graphic artist who loves to explore the various aspects of physical with his creative strokes. Kaffeinated Konversations has a crisp interview to know more about this emerging artist who is amazing. Talking about the current scenario, the artist scene and exploring his creative mind work – the interview has lots of perspectives to throw light on.

My Background

I am Yadvender Singh Rana, currently studying in my 4th year and I am perusing Bachelors in Fine Arts (applied arts) from Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar. I did my earlier studies from St. Joseph’s Boys’ School ,Jalandhar.


I have won many prizes in the field of art on school level, state level ,zonal level and national level as well.

As a student of applied arts, I aim at creating a disciplined and well balanced composition of my design because the work in my field is commercial.

Thoughts into works

From a very early age , I have been into cartoons and comics. The characters drawn in the animated shows and comic books always caught my attention. I started drawing from the age of 4. I used to sketch characters from comic books and tv shows. Until I became fluent in the art that I could draw from my own imagination.I am a big collector of action figures and toys because I appreciate the work done by the designers.

I won’t say that it’s a thought or something that gets converted into an artwork. It is what I live and breathe for every moment in the day. I watch a lot of DC & Marvel series,be it comics, animated shows or cinematic movies.

I have absolutely zero interest in Indian television or movie sector which makes me completely indulged in the Hollywood sector.

What I see, I try to improve it in my works. There is no thought process involved. Every page turns itself up and something gets created. But if I have to work for a client, then a long though process full of measurements and calculations becomes necessary.


What’s integral to the work?

Well, every artist has a different opinion when it comes to this. When we create an artwork, the main motive of it is to be attractive, or eye-grabber. Then comes the concept of balance and symmetry, negative space and positive spaces, principles and elements of design, use of perspective, blab la blah. I can go on and on on this because there is no limit to the answer of such a question. Everything needs to be in place and at a proper spot in order for an artwork to be completed. But still an artist will never get satisfied with his work of art because there is always room for improvement. So I’m afraid that there is no perfect answer to this question.


I believe my works to be inspirations from my brain. *LaughsOutLoud*

To be honest, I see a lot of fan arts on Instagram, deviant art, artstation, comicbooks, movies etc. so you can tell that there is an ocean of ideas that gets created in the brain and turns into a storm of excitement. Now it is really hard for an artist to form an idea out such a storm. I create works based upon what I want a certain character to look like. For example, if DC launched a new character in there cinematic universe or if EA games or Square-enix made a new character for a scifi game, I would wanna see what my version would look like. Its not that I remix things up or anything, I believe that I trying to improve them with my thought process. So I would like to identify my art with digital manipulation mostly, because that’s my main hobby.


Nope…I don’t have any favorite in this line and I surely do not follow anyone in this field. I don’t consider myself to be just another person walking in a long row behind strangers and following them on a path that I don’t know about. I create my own path and I create my own destiny. And I only admire my hard work.

Dream project

Every work of art is a dream project in itself. I am not planning upon making a master piece or collaborate with someone great in this field. Because the truth of the matter is that every digital artist is equal. We all are unique in our own aspects, we all are living our dream projects and we are turning them into reality through our ideas.

Art funding

Being a digital artist, all u need is a pencil, piece of paper, a high-end laptop or desktop, a pentab and a good brain.

But in this time of corruption, nobody really cares about artists. And surely there is no funding for the poor. If you visit Delhi or Mumbai, you go to India gate or gateway of India, you will see a lot of artists who make on the spot paintings and portraits for just 50 bucks a pop. What does that tell you? Why are they sitting there and doing so much hard work for nothing? Because there isn’t much scope for art in India anymore. Surely you have Delhi college of arts and such colleges and universities in the country, but they don’t teach you for free. And whatever colleges do, are no good at all. I believe that an artist should be paid or at least provided with an opportunity to earn and get paid for what they deserve.

Art & fitness

Both are the same.

I consider your body to be a work of art. I consider myself as a sculptor because that’s the way I see my body. Although I don’t work with clay or stone, I work with bones and human tissues and my tools don’t consist of hammers or nails but dumb-bells and barbells. For me, my body is a gift from God. And I have no regard for people who have no respect for there own body.  By eating junk and living a normal lifestyle,looking flabby and unfit,whats the point of living then? How can a person grow old and die without knowing what there body is capable of? That’s why I refuse to live like an average person. I have realized that both art and fitness are the same because in order to keep your body balanced, you really need the knowledge of aesthetics.

Which body part needs to be worked upon, which side is not balanced, what is my vision for my body and how do I get it there, is what I try to focus. You actually try to take your body and mold it into something which is pleasing and extra ordinary.


Doing a manipulation is not easy. To execute an idea, you need certain elements that are not easy to make. Say, I need a pose to make a manipulation, so I search on google, but I don’t get what I exactly looking for. Then how do I make my artwork? I have a good physique, I’m a photographer as well, so why don’t I use my skills to create stock myself. I don’t see many artists doing such so I guess that makes me unique that I use myself as a model in my own artworks, plus I also want to be a superhero so, why not.


Honestly, no. I am not trying to give anyone any message. I’m just an artist who is sharing his own vision with the world. People don’t really get inspired. They eventually do what there mind tells them to do. So there is no point in wasting my time in inspiring others because I’m just a student right now. Once I accomplish something in life, then I may give it a thought.




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