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Kaffeinated Konversations with Mona Mohanty

Surbhi Sareen from Kaffeinated Konversations takes a super quick interview of  Mona Mohanty without any twisted tale (despite her book being titled ‘Betwixt Twists and Turns’).  😉

Mona  gives her electrifying  smile

SS: When did writing made a debut in your life?

MM: It began at a very young age, indeed!  I guess it began when thoughts attained coherence in the form of words. I wrote my first story when I was seven years old.


SS: Tell us about your book Betwixt Twist  And Turns?

MM: It is a collection of short stories drawing their basis from everyday situations but there’s a twist at the end of every tale.


SS: Why you chose such twisting title for your book?

MM: That is because life rarely traverses a straight path.


SS: Since you are a Government employee, how you manage your jobs as an employee and an author?

MM: It is a jugglery of sort, writing is done before as well as after office hours.


SS: Betwixt is a collection of short stories. Is there any story which is autobiographical?

MM: No specific story is autobiographical but it would be a fallacy to state that one’s experiences don’t appear in any one of them. I am sure all writers would agree that whatever we pen down do draw upon instances of events in our lives.


SS: What are your views about short story writing?

MM: Personally, I feel it is quite an art telling a short story. It takes a lot of dexterity to weave a cohesive picture combining a tight storyline weaving in characters, locales, situations and events


SS: Can you please share your experience with your publishers Patridge Publishers?

MM: It was a reasonably good experience. The team there was very helpful from the time they received the draft of the stories till the run up to the final product.


SS: Which is your favourite genre and why?

MM: My favourite genre is horror and mystery because I harbour a fascination for the unknown.


SS: Is there any genre which you haven’t tried but want to try your hands in it?

MM: Poetry.


SS: Besides writing, what interests you the most?

MM: I love travelling; in fact, it can be said that it’s a catalyst which propels my writings.


SS: Do you have any plans on trying Novellas or Novel writing?

MM:  I am working on a novel now.


SS: When can we expect your next works?

MM: Sometime early next year, I guess.



Mona Mohanty is an Indian Revenue Service officer. Writing is her passion. Her spare time is utilised for penning down whatever thoughts crop up during the day. She is based in Delhi.



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