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Confessions of a Bibliophile – Episode 2

Episode2:ย  Embrace Me

Everyone has some hidden desires which they want to be fulfilled..

Well, Bibliophiles have some unique desires..They want to have a library..

Since I am a Bibliophile, I want a huge library at my house.. My room is an average room and its my heartiest desire to have a magnificent library somewhere.. At times I look at the pictures of the libraries..

I have a huge collection of books but the space is limited so they are either kept in cartons or in my suitcases.. It feels bad when you have to pack your books in your suitcases.. I have 6 suitcases and 6 cartons of books.. I badly want a space for my books where they can feel at home, where they can breathe, where they can be safe.. I guess I am more possessive about my books that my heart sinks when I have to lend my book to someone.. So, I always have a diary where I note down like to whom I have given my babies(books)..

At times I pray to God that give me loads of money so that I can buy books and build a library.. I work hard so that I can buy books and even fulfill that dream of building a library..

There are some of the pictures that I have selected for my dream Library that someday someone like Prince Charming would get it build for me.. Yes, the idea of Prince Charming comes from the books only.. ย ๐Ÿ˜‰


Author’s Note:

Hi! I am Surbhi Sareen, a bibliophile. I have started โ€œConfessions of a Bibliophileโ€. This is the secondย episode of the series. I hope you liked my previous confession..If you have liked this confession too then kindly like, comment and share.. You can also comment about your plans.. Feedbacks are welcomed.. Stay tuned for more stories and confessionsย of course! Till then stay healthy and Wise andย remember that, You are beautiful!ย 



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    As promised, Episode 2 is posted on Kaffeinated Konversations site and is linked to my blog as well.. This post is about bibliophiles and their desires about having libraries.. Embrace Me is the title and I am sure you will embrace my thoughts as well.. stay tuned for more updates..Lets meet again the coming Sunday and share new thoughts.. If you like this post, kindly shower your love with your like, comment and share..:)


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