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In Conversation With Myself – Episode 4

In Conversation With Myself : Hindi Books

I went home to my mum’s place a couple of days ago and as usual, browsed through my Grandma’s extensive bookcase. From spirituality to religion; Science to children’s fiction, my silver haired beauty can easily defeat anyone in any debate that one can think of. This last visit, like so many others, left me feeling awed as well as a little disturbed. There are so many wonderful books out there that I would absolutely love to share with her but unfortunately, the lack of Hindi translations has hindered this desire of mine to no end. 
If you look around on bookstagram, you will find that bestselling titles are often translated in other languages such as German, French and Spanish but none in Hindi. Why? Do we think that hindi is restricted to the age group which isn’t going to bother reading something new or contemporary? Or that it’s thought too ‘down-market’ to walk around with a hindi translated ‘Harry Potter’? Why don’t we feel such shame when we horde towards multiplexes to watch the hindi dubbed movies of Hollywood blockbusters?
I still have, read and endorse hindi books because they have their own charm. I much rather prefer Chacha Chaudhary in hindi rather than the English version that just doesn’t feel right. I found ‘Roald Dahl Ki lokpriya kahaniyan’ on my Grandma’s bookshelf and I borrowed (read : stole 😁) it to relish the absolutely beautiful feel of running through those lines that once adorned the pages of Nandan and Chandamama. 
The lack of Hindi magazines is yet another setback to our literary culture. Limited comics, even more limited magazine and next to none translations of major English bestsellers, confounds me to no end. We Indians, with a majority of Hindi literate population, need an answer. Why won’t the various publishers, authors and translators give the lost section of middle class, Hindi medium educated group and senior readers, a chance to know about the wonderful world that they are missing out on?
Hoping that one day, a Hindi book in someone’s hand would only invite respect instead of snide comments and sophisticated sneers.
Until next time!

The Writer:

Shelly Bajwa is Content Brewer Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. Shelly has earned a postgraduate from London and is versatile, self-motivated and enthusiastic person. She has lived in Bahrain for a number of years and more recently in London, UK from where she has completed her Master’s Degree.  An ardent reader with varying interest areas especially Egyptology and classics; she loves music and dance having choreographed many dance shows in school.



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