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Panorama *Book Review*

Some books don’t have a huge catchy cover but yet there was something about the way the name was written and the blurb that was provided that I had kept it on the wishlist. I didn’t realize that I had forgotten about it until Shilpi asked me whether I had read the book. So, here’s the book review now!


Panorama by Shilpi Chaklanobis is a brilliant portrayal of how simple stories can keep you engaged and yet give you a perfectly unexpected ending. Panorama explains the human behavior with its incongruencies and Shilpi has given a stripped view of human emotions.

Weighing consequences, brushing off rationality, human frailties, Shilpi portrays each character in some semblance to the phrase –

We are not what we are….

We are what we become.

If you’re in for short stories with a peek into the myriad relationships and how they shape human behavior, this book gives a perfect example of that.

Many a story in the book – I have predicted its ending – however I was outwitted by Shilpi’s twists that were totally unexpected.

Why? Why did the protagonist see the other way? Why?

I have no direct answer and yet I as a reader, am able to understand the “why” that Shilpi has hidden within the story itself. You too will be able to do that. Question yourself knowing well that the answers are provided therein.

As my reviews go, I won’t say which story has what – however I do say – pick up the book. It’s simple and unputdownable stories enamor you without getting into psycho babble. Yes, you’ll enjoy it!

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