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The Unpredictable Heart *Book Review*

As goes with all love stories around… they’re so predictable and yet Moksh claimed that it was about love with unpredictable heart and a victim too. I took the book “The Unpredictable Heart: You may be a victim” (published by Patridge India) wondering whether the author is living up to his promise or not.

The book is a romantic love story of Minrav who keeps falling in love and falling further in despair about not being successful. The book is partly fiction and partly real. And no, we can’t guess what’s real.Β One can say that this is the story of most of us whoΒ lead tragic love lives. However, what happens in the story? To satisfy your curiosity the blurb will be provided in the end, but right now here’s my take on the book.

What I liked:

  1. Simple language with racy style of moving the story ahead
  2. In the middle of the book one gets conditioned into knowing that he will fail in love
  3. The anti-climax was like getting a foothold suddenly at the edge of the cliff and the book ends. It was sudden and abrupt and the reader can’t do anything about it. I am curious what happens next and so I think a sequel is called for.
  4. Light reading

What I didn’t like:

  1. Mrinav is shown as introvert in the blurb characterization, however having been around introverts, I can hardly agree that introverts can crack jokes and chase girls so easily. Just because they don’t express their feelings doesn’t mean they are introvert. Puts the character perspective wrongly portrayed as introversion.
  2. In the middle of the story the predictable failing in love gets monotonous though the author continues to hold reader attention with the conversations.
  3. The book cover is predictable – they could have made it really uniquely striking to match with the title. Also, the fonts are too commonly used ones.


Overall the book is a good one-time average read ideally targeting the YA reader but its the anti-climax that’s showstopper or the book stopper. πŸ˜›

Buy it from Amazon. The blurb is…..

“The Unpredictable Heart – You may be a Victim,” is the story of a boy named Mrinav who comes from a middle-class background. Mrinav is an introvert, down to earth and a caring boy, who loves to keep everyone happy all the time.

One day, Mrinav encounters a question from his best friend, which drags him into a flashback, reminding him of his past infatuations and love. He had a series of infatuations within a short span of 7 years.

This novel is a description of how these infatuations developed into love. Love (Infatuation) at first sight, Infatuation converting into one-sided love, and then finally to departure. He was heartbroken often trying to persuade his lady loves. In his memories, Mrinav cherished the beautiful and memorable days he had of experiencing young love.

The novel plays between fantasy and reality describing how events like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and more, get converted into memorable days.

And as his time flies by, his life goes through all the usual metamorphoses. While his love-seeking heart refuses to take rest. Mrinav goes through a mixture of love, infatuations and illusive emotions. His craziness with his cab-mates while traveling to his office adds spice at different parts of the novel.

Apart from Mrinav, there are a few other characters in the story as well adding the comic relief. The group included Jatin, Suzi, Omi, Shoeb, Sanjay and Sameer. They all knew that Mrinav was sentimental, who would give party at any point of time, and that too without any reason. Jatin is keen at every instant, trying to persuade Mrinav for unusual parties almost every weekend. He, being his best friend, also takes every care that there is no one to point a finger at Mrinav.

Mrinav’s greatest undoing is his introvert nature that at one point of the novel leaves him stranded all alone. At various instances in the novel, you would feel Mrinav missing his last train in life, while flirting with girls, cracking poems and indulging in unnecessary activities.



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