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Confessions of a Bibliophile

Episode1- Marry Me Nolan Parker


If you are reading this confession then you are in love with books. Have you ever fallen for the characters in the novel? If your answer is Yes, then you are reading the right article.

I am in love with characters to such an extend that I can imagine them in my life. I can imagine that ruthless, handsome Heathcliff staring at me. I can feel the care of Augustus Waters. I can inhale the heavenly touch of Nolan Parker. And not to forget my dream teacher, Rowan Masters. I am in love with them all. Well, that is called the novel effect. It is a moment of happy dance for the authors if you remember their characters. The popularity of a character is a biggest achievement for the author.

Books are magical guys. Most of us say that books are our best friends but I say, Books can make you fall in love. The smell of books is mind blowing and when I inhale them, I just feel that I am in heaven. The yellow pages makes you admire them. Those thick classics are just so cool. My favourite character , whom I want to marry is, Nolan Parker.


Nolan Parker is the protagonist in Thirty Eight Days by Len Webster. I had no plans to read this book but I ended up downloading it on my kindle. As the story progressed I could feel the broad shoulders of Nolan Parker around me. The way he was looking at me with his hypnotic eyes, I almost froze. But he didnโ€™t call Surbhi, he called me Clara Lawrence, yes , the female lead of Thirty Eight Days. I could just imagine him everywhere. He is a magical guy. His presence makes my knees go weak. An interesting fact about him is that he is so romantic and his way of proposing is so unique. Thats Nolan Parker akka Noel for you. If I get a chance, I will surely marry him.




Authorโ€™s Note:

Hello lovelies,

I am Surbhi Sareen, a bibliophile. I have started “Confessions of a Bibliophile”. This is the first episode of the series. I hope you like it. Stay tuned for more such confessions. You will get to know about many facts about the characters as well as the authors. I will surely do a salsa dance if you like, comment and share this post. The episode will be uploaded on Sundays* so that you can enjoy your Sunday with my Confessions.

*Apologies from Kaffeinated Konversations for posting it on Monday, but now on you can expect Surbhi’s Confessions every Sunday.



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