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Teenage Diaries *Book Review*

I’m past the teenage years and this book doesn’t fit in my age bracket. However, I did reminiscence about my school and college days and how we all snapped out from our stupidity, mistakes and our emerging notions of life.



Why this book is a good read?

  • Saurabh Sharma keeps the readers hooked with this book.
  • The language of Teenage Diaries is simple and crisp enough to keep the reader engrossed in the story.
  • Ideal read for teenagers and Young Adults
  • Traces the entire journey of school days with its ups and downs
  • The amalgamation of physical, social, emotional and psychological aspects related to growing up is completely relatable
  • It doesn’t matter what culture you belong to – all teenagers more or less have same heartaches and headaches

One startling quality that’s often undermined by the parents in their teenage kids is that they’re immune to parental consultations. However, the way the teenage journey is portrayed like a reel in this book, the essential fact drawn out is that – They’re quite aware of what they’re going through. 


“Owing to a name that draws ridicules and upbringing in a typical orthodox family, Ghanshyam is an under-confident nerd. His listless life gets a shot in the arm when the coolest yet hottest girl of the school-Aneya, enters his life. But before he could even propose to his first crush, she crushes his heart for reasons unknown to him. Aimless and distraught, he finds solace in friendship as he and his best friend-Vikram, meet the ultra-rich and suave duo Armaan-a racer in the underground racing circuit, and Sandy. And thus begins Ghanshyam’s eventful transformation to GK. From the first smoke that he blows to the first punch he throws, from the first of his many kisses to the first class he misses, from the first gulp of whiskey to his penchant to everything risky, Ghanshyam starts living a life that he has not even dreamt of. But living on the edge has its own perils, and soon a series of events changes his life forever. Will GK fall of the ridge? Will his friendship survive the storm, and most importantly, will he be able to get the girl he has always loved-Aneya? Take this hilarious yet emotional joyride to live the extraordinary life of this Indian teenager and in the process, relive yours!”


You can buy the book from Amazon and get reading!!



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