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Pishacha *Book Review*

I had already read Neil D’Silva‘s first major book Maya’s New Husband and yes the expectations were high from him for this book Β ‘Pishacha’ too. Given the kind of readers he was trying to involve in this story, I would say its not an ordinary book. After all who will bridge love with horror? No wonder, this Master of Horror doesn’t mince words.


Neil D’ Silva has efficiently and effectively done a lot with this book. I have taken off the keener points that will highlight why this book deserves great mention in the “Do Read” category:

  1. He has pushed the age criteria to a younger reader base ie. teenagers
  2. He has blended love and horror and it is no mean feat
  3. He has done a great job of explaining the ghosts and goblins in the Indian context within the story itself.
  4. Though the book starts off with horrific elements and detailing, it eases out on that as the story progresses and seamlessly blending it with the love element.
  5. Neil very subtly yet effortlessly (though I am sure he must have had to draft and re-draft so many times) showcases howΒ fear can ally itself to the personal boundaries of knowing what you can or can’t do. Fear definitely leads to an understanding of self.
  6. The ending puts me into wonder….Will this book have a sequel? If yes, then I’m figuring out what all it would consist of…. isn’t a book supposed to do that? Make you think more? πŸ™‚

Like always I won’t reveal the story and play spoilsport. However, my verdict is go for it! Young Adults out there… do pick up this book!


The blurb of the book to get you started on what to expect:


On the outside, he is a Pishacha – a terrifying demon compelled to eat human flesh to survive. Yet, inside, he has a tender heart that still pines for the lover of his previous human birth.

More than a century later, when he discovers that his lover has been reborn in a rich Mumbai household, and is now a beautiful woman, his heart begins to beat again with a happy rhythm.

There are monumental obstacles in his path though, the least of which is the fact that she loves another man. But, the biggest challenge is that she is human and he is demon.

To make her his, he will have to become human again; and to accomplish that, he will have to fight holy men and witch-mothers and giants, and challenge the gods themselves.

From the best-selling author of Maya’s New Husband, comes a tragic tale of forbidden love β€” Pishacha.


This paranormal romance is currently available as eBook and it was my first ebook read on Kindle. The paperback will be available soon. You can download the ebook from Amazon.



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