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Doodle Collection!

Surbhi Sareen was excited about #DoodleCollection Diaries and when she got one… this is her review of it!

Raga's Voice

Hello lovelies,


This is my first ever product review and I am super excited to write about it. While surfing on instagram, I came across a page named doodle collection that had some mind blowing pictures. They surely caught my attention. Then I noticed there is a giveaway named #doodlegiveaway where one has to enter and follow certain steps. By doing this, I reposted the picture. I could not win that giveaway so I decided to visit their site and buy a diary.

About the Site

Screenshot (1).png

I visited their site (Β Β and I must say, I was just in love with the products they displayed. The theme of the site is corporate as it is for business purpose. The site talks about all the products they have starting from planners, mugs, diaries, notepads and even customised diaries with the names. The range of items vary. The best part…

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