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Gradients *Poetry Review*

People tend to  view the world in compartments and brackets. They tend to see the world in extremes. Like black and white. However, they fail to realize that the shifting sands of time can color the view in various hues and unfortunately these gradients go unnoticed. 

However, this book needn’t go unnoticed.

To begin with, the cover doesn’t look special but I noticed the way in which the figurative aspects were given different color tones and they weren’t too obvious. I got interested in knowing what I would get on the inside. That’s how I picked up the book “Gradients” by Swatii Chandak.Swatii Chandak.


Swatii beautifully takes the reader through various segments and layers and though they appear confounding and tad hard to decipher at first glance, once the general reader starts reading there’s no stopping. So if you’re just starting out to appreciate poetry don’t judge this book for it isn’t hard as it seems to look like.

I loved the way Swatii has explained the parts of the book and how each of these 3 together make up a great climb (I won’t put in the spoilers by showing what the explanation is, since Swatii herself tells it so beautifully in the book). The journey seems to be like the one you undertake while climbing the mountain or the depth of the ocean….getting accustomed to each layer after another and letting yourself go free in the process. However the way the poems were layered… each piece is a story in itself prodding on the reader to go ahead and delve in the protagonist’s thoughts.

Gradients is a human book of poems, each emotion building up the person that emerges in front of the reader. If you love to know more about the personality, thought process and human psyche and its reactions, this book of poems is for you. Published by Half Baked Beans, it is available on Amazon.




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