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In Conversation with myself : Episode 1

In Conversation with myself : Episode 1 : The Tussle With Words

Since my last book review was about an Indian Writer, I thought it apt to kick off a new segment called ‘In Conversation With Myself’ continuing on the struggle Indian Authors face during their journey to stardom. 
As a child, my father usually brought home a set of monthly magazines, Nandan,  Champak, Chandamama and so on. I’ve never really differentiated between foreign authors and our native ones and even if I did, have always thought of our stories and writing style way above the others. However, I have to admit that recently,  I was quite put off by their constant indulgence in the area of love and relationships when all I wanted was to know more about ‘Bhootiya Building’, ‘Bachhon ki Kahaniya’ and ‘Sach ki Awaaz’. I found Chetan Bhagat’s first couple of novels as a breath of fresh air that reinvigorated the Indian youth to read more Indian books. This changed dramatically when Bhagat fell into the trap of stardom and started writing plots that were commercially sale-able and down right mediocre. I honestly gave up on Indian Literature after Revolution 20/20 and it was through a pure coincidence that it found Ashwin Sanghi’s The Rozabal Line. This book was and still remains a turning point in my reading life because it brought me back to my roots and made me realize the folly of generalizing the whole Indian Writing Culture based on my experiences with Bhagat.
I thought back to why I gave up and I realized that it had more to do with perception than with the actual writing. In a country where writers are revered when they shoot up to stardom and have to starve when they are starting off their careers, it’s us, the readers, their consumer base that is responsible. It’s our constant denouncement of their ability to write that makes it impossible to put their work up for the world to see. As readers and literature enthusiasts, isn’t it our responsibility to push our literature out for the world to see and read? To put our authors on a global front, on the same line and rank as the foreign ones? To accept that we might make mistakes and the only way to move forward is to learn and do better?
We here at Kaffeinated Konversations are of the view that until we learn to accept and encourage our own people, our literature industry will suffer and therefore, we have proudly taken up the cause of #MakeInIndia and #WriteIndia. We know and believe in the caliber of our Indian youth and shamelessly endorse the fact that We are better than the other in all aspects and it’s only a matter of time before the world realises this too!
To you, To us and everyone who is a part of this vast industry, Think and we shall be. 
Until next time!

The Writer:

Shelly Bajwa is Content Brewer Intern at Kaffeinated Konversations. Shelly has earned a postgraduate from London and is versatile, self-motivated and enthusiastic person. She has lived in Bahrain for a number of years and more recently in London, UK from where she has completed her Master’s Degree.  An ardent reader with varying interest areas especially Egyptology and classics; she loves music and dance having choreographed many dance shows in school.



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