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From the Closet of the Heart *Book Review*

You’re doing some major spring cleaning of your wardrobe. You happen to come across a scrape of paper or a diary from the far corner of the drawer. You open it and you are rushed back to those days when you wrote it. You have changed since then. The handwriting too.. what would you feel? Nostalgic maybe. And other gamut of emotions too.


This book by Soniya Kapoor delves into the long forgotten notes and letters that we tend to write and then place them somewhere in the drawer of the closet…attempting to forget it and then one fine day when we happen to remove the cobwebs of life we chance upon them and reminisce about it.

Memories warm you up but they also tear you apart.

What drew me to read the book? The fact that I too would end up remembering my notes and stuff when I happen to clean up my desk or wardrobe space. The similarity of the actions prompted me to connect to others through their stories/letters and the feeling of understanding of how they too must have felt.

Nothing is ever lost to us unless we remember to retrieve it, to clean the cobwebs of the heart.

The book is a must read especially for Young Adult readers onwards and adults. Each story is poignant. Some in simple ways some in myriad hues of emotions – however all of them have that unforgettable tingling emotion in the brain that it was a wonderful experience of reading this book.

My recommendation: Buy this book from Amazon, wrap yourself in the cosy blanket with the cup of hot chocolate or coffee in hand and spend the New Year eve in the company of this book. It would be a real treat and a worthwhile time.




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5 thoughts on “From the Closet of the Heart *Book Review*

    1. There is no plot Mana. It’s based on a situation that led to the idea of the project. Soniya happened to clean the almirah and got a few notes/letters lying there. She had written them some time back and forgotten. So this led to the project of sharing the notes/letters left in the almirah, retrieving them and sharing them.

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