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Turtle Dove *Book Review*

When strange encounters compel you to sit up and notice that’s the beginning of knowing whether this is normally happening or just a stray incident. When we dig deep and be more observant about the incidents around us and delve into the human psyche, we are definitely astounded with the magnitude of bizarre behaviors that inhibit us.

All forms of love, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general calm under the chaos, are justified in the person who creates a relationship.


Divya Dubey‘s book Turtle Dove assimilates the strangeness of human behaviour in various ways. Each of the stories have a different writing style. Some are subtle. Some are strong. Some have an ironical twist or some have an revelation.

The Author- Divya Dubey


Divya has shown her versatility as an author with this book. Getting a reader horrified, intrigued, angry, sympathetic, disgusted, sad and a lot more in 160 pages isn’t easy. And the best part is that she doesn’t mince words. Her directness without too much of ambling along the peripheral level is a refreshing change.

What this book does?

  • Shakes you to the core – with just 6 tales. Strange isn’t it?
  • Makes you think about relationships with its subtle complexities
  • Makes you realize that what’s seen has a largely unseen aspect like the iceberg, there’s so much beneath the seen surface!
  • There’s a tipping point between normal and abnormal – how does one judge what’s normal or abnormal in a relationship?
  • Its directness might make some people squirm at their seat – mind you. πŸ™‚
  • People often have a one-sided, misguided and idealistic notion of love, passion and its offshoots. This book gets you into a myriad shades of it all.
  • Weird isn’t a word. It is the way the world behaves. (The difference being its all hidden and under wraps.) Divya seems to have a peephole into the lives that haveΒ bizarre tones
  • Morals and rules are stranger than facts. What’s your take on it going to be? You can only read the book to get the insider’s scoop.


Book Blurb:

Emotions can strengthen; emotions can destroy. The six stories in this collection portray individuals standing at the edge of the precipice, resisting the urge to plunge into the unknown abyss. The allure of the Forbidden Fruit is intense and hard to overcome. Their assailants are many: love, dejection, ambition, jealousy, hatred and desire. Aware of the possible consequences of their choices and the abject suffering it may foment, the protagonists go about their daily business of living.


Pick up the book at Amazon or at the bookstore and dive into the other side of life.




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