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Wild Card *Book Review*

Books and Sports are strange bedfellows….. especially for all the bookworms and book nerds out there. But that’s how we are right? We love to exorcise our brain cells more than the other body parts. So what happens when a “reluctant” person picks up the book on Tennis (never played it or followed it…though my dad watched it on tv often). Ahhhhh…. you’re in for a surprise!

You not only get GK in tennis but also a wonderfully inspiring story around it. Asfiya Rahman has done a good job of pulling me to pick up the book, Wild CardΒ and read and yes… I won’t be killing her with this review (Hahahaha….).



What you can expect from this book published by Half Baked Beans?

  1. A sports drama that doesn’t get overly dramatic. It isn’t a TV soap with sobs … thankfully
  2. You can’t put it down. Read it at one go!
  3. The knowledge that I had of tennis and the stars got additional viewpoints with the book
  4. No…you won’t be cajoled and coaxed into joining tennis ie. not because its in the book.
  5. It isn’t about the game….rather its more to do with what the sportsperson brings to the game
  6. We win some we lose some – ALWAYS!
  7. Family, Friends, Life, Personal Change — lots more all combined together make up this good read book.
  8. It’s definitely a good read and refreshing change from the typical relationship stories that go around these days.


Talent wins games but experience and intelligence wins championships…. Did KaranΒ have it in him to win? Could he do it or surrender to his fate? Read the book to find out!



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