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My Wife’s Diary *Book Review*


A very usual title but having an unusual angle to it – one of the first reasons I picked up this book. Deepanshu Saini has done a good job of holding the reader’s interest about the book. Published by Omji Publishing House, this novel made me happy and sad in many ways.


  1. As I went through the book, I wasn’t able to derive how much of it was fiction and how much the truth. It was as real as any diary would be.
  2. The book was engrossing read
  3. It beautifully yet in simple language leads the reader to the journey of the protagonist
  4. It is completely relate – able
  5. The cover is suitably designed with bang on detailing in the sketch.

My only regret is not knowing what happened in the gap that the diary wasn’t written into and what the husband felt after reading it. Maybe Deepanshu can fill up those gaps in the sequel of the book and get us all anxious about what it would contain. 🙂

An interesting update on the book is that it is going to be made into motion picture by the director of Mickey Virus – Saurabh Verma. This should be reason enough to pique your interest to read this book.

You can buy it from Amazon.



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