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Book Review *Birds of Prey*

Rarely do I read a book through the night. And this book by Archana Sarat was one of those rare ones (read it from 12pm to 2pm). Rare because the book was so engaging and engrossing that I knew I was surpassing my sleep time and yet I couldn’t put it down. No… I just couldn’t….like the central character in the book who felt she needed to do something about her mission.

Published by Readomania , this book caught my attention due to the name and the trailer. The name isn’t unique but coming from a woman writer, it did intrigue me. Secondly, the trailer pushed me to ‘add to cart’ without seeing anything else.

The Trailer:



About the book:

  1. My attention was first caught on the chirpy white bird on the branch and I was wondering is this innocent fluffy bird a prey? And Why? Then I saw those talons on the upper side of the book and I was hooked to know what Archana would reveal inside.
  2. The tale starts on an everyday life of a policeman but as the story progresses, it twists you around into so many things that you just don’t think of anything else but …..”What Next”?
  3. Not only was the story engaging – it was gripping till the end. It made me think of a lot of relationships and problems at one go. Parents, society, education, morality, sexuality, justice, etc.
  4. Every parent would understand this book. Every girl would be able to relate it. Every educator would be able to derive strength from it and every adult (especially women) would be able to think clearly after reading it.
  5. It is a must read for all – young adults (with adult guidance please) to elders.
  6. A movie adaptation of this would be a great idea.

Well, please go for this book, its multi-pronged approach could save someone’s live and also get you to understand that deeper complexities that lie on surface of an assumed simple relationship. It is available on Amazon.



Archana with her book “Birds of Prey” at Litventure Mumbai 2016. She had a book launch there. She is flanked by other Readomania titles placed on the table behind her.



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