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The American Indian Dream *Book Review*

The American Indian Dream follows the journey of a USA returned Indian who is grappling will his personal demons. How he fights it out and figures out his life after his return is what this book by Pranay Sahu  focuses on.

It is light and makes up for an engaging read too. For someone who reads much and fast, I was able to complete this book in a day. However, it may not be the case with you all. What I liked about the book is its non-preachy nature and not too much dwelling on American ascents and desi tamasha. Yeah, Indians are dramatic and sometimes that is mentioned but not too much spotlight on it…. which is a relief.

The dominant themes that can be plucked out in the whole plot are – Materialism, Spiritualism, Faith, Personal Development and of course the current flavour of the season (no…. not demonetization) but that of Entrepreneurship. Published by Half Baked BeansHalf Baked Beans, this book is a lighthearted delight just perfect to unravel the mind and relax with a book that talks about ABCD in an engaging way.





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