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The 3 Wise Monkeys *Book Review*

Train travels can be downright boring, but for me my books always accompany me. Serves 3 purposes:

  1. To avoid intrusive chatter-boxes (Hear no evil)
  2. To avoid interacting with boring people  (Talk no evil)
  3. To Read (See no evil… books are after all heavenly gifts)

And this book did just that. Ok…. back to the book and the 3 monkeys (both the animal and the evolved versions both are interesting characters I must say!) This book by Jeet Gian is something you can laugh all your way to the destination and that’s what I did!

It’s a book that made me laugh and all the passengers in the train thought me mad laughing with a book on monkeys. They just couldn’t get it… right?

As is my style, won’t reveal what the story is all about but yes will pique your interest why you need to read it.

  1. Jeet has launched it in true bollywood style (With Shajid Khan, Farah Khan and David Dhawan). Well, that’s not the reason I brought the book. The reason was the inside story. It’s a true blue bollywood kinda story that makes you feel that a movie is definitely on cards with this book.  farah-khan-sajid-khan-david-dhawan-launch-jeet-gian-s-three-wise-monkeys_147436639400
  2. The comic capers and mis-adventures are truly hilarious
  3. The language is funny and on your face dumb
  4. Some words might be noxious for your sensibilities but therein lies the ways of the Indians right?
  5. Who should pick it up? Blue-collared, white-collared, startups…aspiring ones… still on the road startups (all kinds of startups can get a nice dose of desi gyaan by “Gian”)

Ok, maybe I overdid it and killed the comedy words and so now you have the tragedy part. Gian doesn’t mince words. He states all the political fiascos with great feeling and so it makes the story very relate-able. And yes the Gandhian monkeys do get mixed with the real monkeys along with the evolved monkeys. Confused about the monkey business? Read the book! Buy it on Amazon

Check the launch video too!




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