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Love Bi the Way *Book Review*

Sometimes, love is like donating a chunk of your life to patch up the lives of others. It might be a patchwork… sewn well or randomly it doesn’t matter. What matters is why you did it.

That’s what Bhaavna Arora weaves through her latest book “Love Bi the Way”. Talking about one of the most taboo topic in India, Bhaavna brilliantly pivots a story on the bisexual relationship.


The relationships that evolve or change or are forged aren’t just waiting to happen, rather in the book there’s a journey of discovery of self. With this is born the feeling of knowing that you love someone too deeply. Love isn’t wrong. It has never been wrong. However, many people think otherwise and that’s really sad. I think this book puts Devdutt Pattanaik’s Shikhandi in mind and then puts the reader into the fiction zone and leads them into the contemporary lives of two women who break their mould to accept their love for each other.

Bhaavna Speaks about Love Bi the Way:


This coming of age book is a real head turner with the subtle hints given in the cover page that’s attractive for sure. The cover page does set the motion for the curiosity to read the book. The two women, their dog and their lives make a fabulous read and its definitely “un-put-down-able”.

I won’t say what all the story is about, since I want you to pick up the book and read. But yes, I want you to read the book because Bhaavna has some message to tell. And with this blog I feel certain myths need to be broken:

  1. Bisexuality isn’t a crime. It is acceptable form of sexual practice in many cultures, including Indian. Dig into any research book and find out for yourself
  2. It isn’t a “phase”. If you get to know someone or yourself having bisexual tendencies it means it is for life.
  3. Bisexuality isn’t acquired due to string of relationships gone “sour”. It’s just an awareness of what one likes and then starting a journey into that sexual preference.
  4. You cannot identify a person with bi-sexual preference just by looking at them.
  5. Bisexual persons can lead absolutely normal lives.
  6. And no… the author isn’t bisexual so don’t ask her those questions 😀

Some love stories are meant to be told and retold…



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