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Tweets in Terracotta

“Where words leave off, music begins.”
Heinrich Heine

So need I write this blog then? Probably not! I would rather say that let the music do all the talking. Unfortunately, sometimes one has to speak…. speak for something that’s lost and bring back. Bring back that slice of a childhood. Bring back that fragment of memory of ourselves from our school years. I would say I was lucky to get back the memory and I always maintained that I’m unabashedly childish in my ways sometimes – especially to those who matter to me…I’m me. Why am I talking about childhood? Well, the experience of it all began at a cafe recently.

Our community of konversationalists (Kaffeinated Konversations) were huddled together for the Kaffeinated Sunday Meet at our favourite place “The Nest Cafe” in Indore. While giving order of our beverage, I noticed terracota birds in the bowl at their counter. They were whistles in bird shape. I immediately bought one and started whistling. The group must have thought of me as mad, but I didn’t care.

Its a fragment of childhood. Its a toy.
Its musical.
Its about joy in things small and beautiful.
Its a Water Whistle in Bird shape.

The Water Bird Whistle

The next day one of our group member, Shreshtha shared a video which showed that it needs to be filled with water to emit bird call. I was thrilled to bits! This fun element got me all the more excited to go hopping mad trying the whistle everywhere in the house. (testing whether the room dimensions would affect the sound or not). Funny that!

Here’s the Video wherein you can get the idea of the bird call.


The origin of the whistles can be attributed to our illustrious civilization of Indus Valley ie. Mohenjodaro, the excavations have yielded many evidences of the whistles shaped in different forms. That such a beautiful toy was crafted during that time is a testimony to the fact as to how advanced the civilization was in many ways.

However one cannot contain this whistle only to the Indus Valley period. These kinds of whistles are found in China (procelin) , Peru and Russia too. There are different kinds of birds crafted. Sparrows, Erusian Bird, Rooster etc are mostly created. Check this video of how to make one:

You can even watch the explanation of water whistles of Macedonia and US as shown by Mark Glisten in this video:

What’s so unique about this whistle?

  • You get different sounds based on different water levels
  • Its made of terracota – completely eco friendly
  • It’s simple but beautiful
  • It helps children with speech and breathing.
  • It makes kids realize the differences in sounds and how the force of the breath creates musical notes
  • For older kids, the science behind combined purpose of the shape, the water level, the pipe and holes excites curiosity


Want to buy it? Check it out at Amazon!









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