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The Nightingale *Book Review*

I’ve gone emotional while reading certain books in the past, but this one just made me tear up and cry like a kid.

I’ve read various books based on wars, they painted a brief pictures of the bitter reality, The Nightingale on the other hand took me on a journey. I was living it. I could experience war, it seems so much more horrifying and different from the pictures I had painted. The loss, the terror, death and bravery, mistakes and regrets. This book was an eye opener. Until now I’ve only heard that war changes people, but after reading this I could feel the change myself. There’s no white or black when you stand in the middle of chaos, it’s just grey. Either you fight or else you die.Β 

Contributions of the unsung heroes, the women left behind with their little innocent ones, who thought it was more than just the wait and hardships of daily life. As war develops, two sisters, very different in nature fight for their nation in their own way. The little one Isabelle is a rebel, bold and reckless; the elder one Vianne, a wife and a mother is too innocent and cautious. As the Nazis take control over France, Isabelle proves herself in the war, meanwhile motherhood and horrifying challenges shape Vianne into a braveheart.

From the book:
“Men tell stories. Women get on with it. For us it was a shadow war. There were no parades for us when it was over, no medals or mentions in the history books. We did what we had to during the war, and when it was over, we picked up the pieces and started our lives over.”

Thank you Rohan Bapat for recommending such an amazing read. πŸ™‚



The Reviewer:

Shreshtha Singh Rathore is Content Brewer at Kaffeinated Konversations. She sharedΒ this review on Facebook and we are delighted to put this up here. Shreshtha is currently an undergraduate who’s passionate about reading and dreams of building her own empire.Β 



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