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In the Light of Darkness *Book Review*

Sometimes, the book cover sets off a lot of things in motion—like buying the book and getting yourself turned inside out in the process. Firstly, about the book cover.

The eye catching cover sets off a lot of ideas and thoughts in motion. What will happen? What’s the book about? Is this gate lock some part of the story? So many questions in mind and all these could be satisfied only if I read. So, I picked up the book and began…


It has been a long time I held a book till late hours of night ie. 2pm…still reading. This isn’t a book. Its an experience tool. Something to dive deep into and stay there till the last page. 

The book is a tearjerker but in totally empathetic way. I hate crying when I see movies or read books. But here, admittedly I was crying unabashedly while reading. At one point I realized I was crying so much that I needed to grab the tissue paper by the kitchen counter. However, I brushed off that thought – since it meant breaking off from reading to do that. So I stayed put and wept myself throughout the dark hours of the night. Oh yes, even the setting matched the title of the book.

This book is an IMMERSION into human relationships. It’s pitfalls, the conflicting aspects, the understanding laced with misunderstanding, the layers of emotions that need to be peeled off and more! It’s a heart-wrenching, gut twisting story that churns you too along with the characters.

The novel has several elements that will appeal the reader :

  1. The Past. Present and Future – They connect each other and yet want to go the opposite direction. These contrasts make the reading unputdownable
  2. The letter holds most of the story together. (It’s a hard task as an author to conjure that)
  3. It gets you analyzing your own perspective to life
  4. There are points in the book wherein you tend to feel that even you’re shedding off the extra baggage with the key characters
  5. And yes, that blue Iron gate shown on the cover page is so catchy, you tend to start searching for the same for your house! (Hahahaha!)  😀

This book – “In the Light of Darkness” a debut novel by Radhika Maira Tabrez is  published by Readomania. (It doesn’t seem like a debut!) Do grab this amazingly beautiful novel from Amazon and you’ll never regret buying it!




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