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Cabbing All The Way *Book Review*


When the book arrived like Ravana with ten heads, I made a beeline for Jatin Kuberkar’s (author) profile page and tried to do a human “Face Recognition” test by checking his profile picture on Facebook. Which points and features matched? It was like a game right from the cover page itself! Then came the title…. the reason why I read this book after I asked Dipankar for recommended read in the Readomania list.


An unusual title always sets the motion for the story to be revealed and Jatin Kuberkar has done precisely that! Published by Readomania, the perfect milieu to read this book is by distracting yourself from the tortures of daily commuting.

As a reader I’m beginning to realize that software engineers and bankers (always thought of as boring dudes keyed into their chubby holes) are proving to be pat on your face funny storytellers. Jatin is a software engineer and also an author. I guess when the codes show red alert he must be switching on his creative personality side.

I can’t help but crack jokes. The book tickles ‘that’ side of the reader with its comical, witty, serious and completely “can relate to it” tale. Typically Indian scenarios depicted with desi slangs that add Hyderabadi and Telangana words into your vocabulary list.

Autobiographical to the core, the story attempts to take you for a ride along the central theme of commutation woes of Indians in the city of Hyderabad. Peppered by the unique traits of each of the 12 persons sharing the ride, Jatin traverses through the hills and valleys of a road trip to work and back home.

I won’t be the bee in the bonnet about the storyline (its already spoken about) – but yes I do recommend this book and here’s why:

  1. You’re an Indian and this book is about YOU. If you’re an NRI, all the more reason to get in touch with your homebase.
  2. The novel doesn’t have a speedbreaker like our pathetic roads and instead of cruising mad, the book steadily rolls out at an even pace
  3. The story is thoroughly absorbing and a joyride
  4. The doses of humor sprinkled throughout the book makes one think – “Ya… he got it right!”
  5. You’ll forget the aches, pains and the jabbing jolts while commuting if you read this book on your way to work and back. It’s a balm on the ‘commuting wounds’
  6. It’s a Readomania Publication. They take up unique stories and are serious about it!

Enough said – Just buy it and laugh away all your blues!



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