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The Book of Fate *Book Review*


The Banned book that moved my soul. I could relate to it on so many different levels. Yes, it focuses on women, but it isn’t about feminism and equal rights.

It’s a complete insight on a woman’s life. Whether oppressed or an independent bird, every female will relate to it at a point. The social hardships and narration of beautiful bonds are so realistic that you can feel the protagonist stir within you.

How the protagonist evolves takes me by surprise. From a school going girl forced into early marriage to an elegant aged women with three grown up kids, the stages of life that a woman goes through are beautifully narrated. The way a mother feels for her children, understands them, looks carefully into their actions, seeks motivation from them and most importantly learn from them is put forward in a mesmerizing manner.

We are far more stronger than we think we are, life story of Massoumeh proves the point. Even if you stand at a place where moving forward in life seems impossible, somehow you always get the energy from an invincible source to go through it. This is the life story of a girl who chose to be independent in a country where girls who don’t wear chador or headscarf are considered to bring shame to family. She chose to be independent when her brothers believed educating a girl will bring shame to family. Things were never in her favor even when she reached the end of her youth, yet again, she chose to be independent.

The Reviewer:

Shreshtha Singh Rathore is Content Brewer at Kaffeinated Konversations. She shared¬†this review on Facebook and we are delighted to put this up here. Shreshtha is currently an undergraduate who’s passionate about reading and dreams of building her own empire.¬†



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