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Confessions On An Island *Book Review*

Before The Book Came to Me…..

What’s the island got to do with the Matryoshka Dolls?

And Stories gets person free from abduction? How’s that possible?

Is it a book or a riddle?

After The Book Came, Read and Reflected….

Sometimes a lot can be the surprise package and the author of this book,  Ayan Pal has done a beautiful job of that – just like the dolls that continue to come out one after another.

Each story is so different in itself and yet it is so very much linked that one can’t figure it out instantly. The last chapter however makes it crystal clear and you end up thinking “Oh… I couldn’t even guess that?”

The book is a must read! A psychological thriller that stripes you bare and makes you wonder what you are. It makes you think what would you do in a similar situation. It gets people into ‘think mode’ just like the protagonist. Maybe Ayan might feel offended if I would say that this was a love story too. In many ways the story touched upon the subject of love and the individual reactions to this powerful emotion. How this singular emotion can wreck havoc to life can be related to totally.

Admittedly the ending was totally unexpected and I hated it. Not for the way Ayan treated it but the way I felt towards the characters. I had in the course of reading fallen for the abductor and saw the other side of him. Oh no Ayan! This is not how it should have ended. Yes, we all cling on hope and that’s something I was wishing for. Oh Yes!! As I’m writing this review, something dawns on me. Isn’t moving forward (no matter how much pain you’re in) – a kind of hope?

I loved the book. I want everyone to read it…. Reflect on it…. Feel the characters in your skin. Seep into every emotion. The book isn’t a riddle. It is riddled with everything one can relate to every emotion one can think of. Pain, Anger, Disgust, Pathos, Love, Lust, and a lot more.

Ayan deserves your read! Buy it from Amazon.





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