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A Lively Read… The Lively Library

First the truth!

I’m fan of Readomania books. They have awesome stuff. I was scanning through their books to see which one I wanted to purchase. I bypassed the book “The Lively Library & An Unlikely Romance” thinking it was was kids. Oh… how wrong I was! When Kaffeinated Konversations had the Book Talks Contest , Dipankar Mukherjee of Readomania suggested that we keep the prize as “The Lively Library & An Unlikely Romance” and I just hit amazon to buy it immediately!

The Book Pops out to say “Hello”

Now the Verdict!

Bang! Bang! The gavel resounds in applause.

Simple language. No nonsense style. A lot has been derived from the magical place called “The Lively Library”.

  1. It transported me to my childhood fantasy
  2. I’m mad about books and I can relate to every thing that happens in the story
  3. It is a real portable magic (I quote:  Preeti Chopra who mentioned about books in our Book Talks Contest)
  4. I want to live forever through the Beras.
  5. I think the Chess Master has some strategic play in writing this! (Hahahahaha…)

Why Pick it?

Pick up the book because you believe in them and love them so much.

Pick up the book for your kids.

Pick it up to get suspended in fantasy for a few hours.

Pick it up to feel the ‘realness’ of a tale.

Pick it because you’re a bibliophile (need I say more??)

Niranjan, I applaud your efforts and I’m waiting for more magic and more lively talks through the books. To know more about the author you can read the Kaffeinated Konversations interview with Niranjan Navalgund. 




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