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When They Spoke *Book Review*

We all have grown up on those famous “Autobiographies” that we wrote in primary school. Right from a rupee coin to river. If one question was left in English exam paper, the teacher took any random object and fused it into autobiographical writing. Β I guess Indians are quite tuned to it and have mastered it into art.

When Readomania published the book ‘When They Spoke‘ (An Anthology) edited by Arpita Banerjee, I thought what’s so different about this book than what we wrote as kids? Finally, after a bit of deliberation, I brought the book and lo! I just couldn’t put it down. It broke all the “perception” walls I had built about it. I tell you what? It’s not a boring run down story of things.

Each of the 29 inanimate things portrayed has a heartfelt adventure and it just grips you.

What’s interesting is the way the common things have an uncommon story to tell. Each of the story has a different mood to it. A different turn to its ending and how the life span of the thing versus the humans have an inter-playing role in each.

Pick up the book, not because it is out of the world. Pick it because it tugs your heart. Pick it for its sensibilities. Don’t analyze it. Just read it and soak into the emotions that each Β story brings forth.

Sometimes you don’t need a book to get into the characterization of the protagonist. Sometimes you just need to sit and get into the feel of the different characters playing a central role. This book is perfect for that kind of reading. Buy it from Amazon and set yourself to a lazy afternoon read. You’ll not regret losing your nap time.



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