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In Love With Shah Rukh Khan *Book Review*

The parcel arrived and I was like: “So small packet?” Got me very curious and didn’t want to sign off to the courier also.

I just tore the cover and out popped the “World’s Smallest Story Book” (World Record Holder) – In Love with Shah Rukh Khan by Ajitabha Bose. Fell in love with this small book – and yes – as Shah Rukh Khan says: “Size doesn’t matter when it’s love”.


The story starts off with the usual lives of the protagonists, Vivaan and Aanya. It’s in the middle of the story that the truth is revealed and the end… well, it left me with a tear in my eye. The book sendsΒ two messages:

You never know when you find love and fall into it so headlong and deep that you can never ever come out of it. A love as deep as that can alter your life and keep it going.

That’s echoed especially in the end of the story and it made me emotional. And the second message?

Assuming popular figures and icons as egomaniacs can be actually quite wrong. Sometimes they do come out and make a difference. It’s their prerogative when to do it. However, if the cause if true and justified, they will truly help!

Not going to reveal more than this! You can buy it from Amazon. And yes! The book is a beauty. Fits in my palm and I have to be extra careful with this – It might get lost! πŸ™‚

Thank you Ajitabha Bose for gifting this!! It was an emotional delight to read it!





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