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In the Vortex of Emotions

All I wanted was Love

Then I struggled, I faltered and I got a hell lot with Love!

We are born out of love, born with love and then somewhere either it vaporises or expect too much of what its called – an earth-shattering love.

What goes wrong along the way? Why do we leave Love on the fringes only to one day wake up and feel that hollow in our heart?



Respect your feelings. Go tune into it. Consciously make efforts to get into the flow of your feelings… your desires. Why go through what the world says? They will say anything anyways….

You want to love, go love beautifully. Completely. IMMERSE yourself. And by love I don’t mean to love a person. You might be in love with an idea, a goal or maybe even an inanimate object like a book. Yes, love it!Β Drown yourself into such a beautiful love. Experience all its pains, heart aches, the stripping of your happiness to that bare feeling of just being with that person/thing. It’s a delirious comfort after all the darkness has lifted and you feel more of love pouring out than before. This makes your love stronger and richer than before.

Love that person, idea or thing so intensely that in absence of that you would feel like your heart is ripped off, your skin wants to be peeled and you want to expose yourself raw. Intense passion will lead you to understand yourself. To understand how deeply that person/thing means to you. That agony of being away from that person/thing will set you on a higher plane of thinking proactively and binding yourself emotionally to have meaning in life. Find a meaning to love. A meaning to live.




Intelligent Conversations, Unending coffee cups and totally in sync communication - When you feel free to converse, you feel limitless.

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