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All of Me *Review*

Have you ever read a series of short stories that start on a simple note and moves on to better twists and interesting plots as it progresses? That’s the first thing that struck me as I continued reading this book “All of Me” by Jonali Karmakar. With a mix of personal and fictional stories, this ebook is a beautiful write up!


Why people behave the way they behave? This ebook explores human relationships and behaviour with the situations that are sad,happy, exciting, crazy, dream chasing,dream crashing and more.

I would say this is a beautiful compilation. However, one particular point I would like to make is that initially the stories seem to have a bumpy ride from too simple to too interesting and then back to simple again…. until by the time it comes to the middle, it pans out and gives a smooth flow of the stories. I would say this is dangerous because the readers might stop reading if they think they’re going to get into uneven zone. My advice to the readersΒ is to hang on because the later stories will keep you hooked till the end.

Again, I’m holding myself not to reveal much! Do order the ebook on Amazon and you’ll not regret it!





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