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The Curse of Damini *Review*


A must read!

When I picked this book by Debajani Mohanty, I thought it must be something about the movie “Damini” and must have been recreated according to certain modern situations….however the woman in me couldn’t refuse the inner feeling of reading it and putting all assumptions aside. Well, Debajani has definitely challenged my assumptions on several fronts!

As soon as I finished reading the book, I was reeling withΒ the emotions of anger, disgust, pain and also happiness, all within seconds of each other. It took me nearly and hour to get back to the normal self. That I finished reading it at late night only compounded my problems of being unable to sleep. My nerves were all keyed up with a gamut of emotions.

What happened between my picking the book and having completed reading it? Here’s what I loved about the book:

  • It beautifully traces the journey of Renuka in pre-independent India and post- Independence era. The transition is peppered by political, social and economic fabric that gets immersed in the protagonist’s life
  • Noticed how attempts are made to bring logic and banish superstitious beliefs
  • Debajani has seamlessly blended a lot of aspects in the background and even the immediate surroundings/circumstances of the protagonist’s life, showing how these situations influenced thought processes during that time
  • Another assumption that Debajani broke from my mind. The cover design and the word ‘curse’ gives a feel of this book being a thriller, another assumption broken to shards.
  • There is an underlying theme of Human Rights. The story stresses the fact that ‘what’ and the ‘way’ people work must determine their success and not birth and royal lineage. This is evident by Renuka’s efforts to emancipate the poor families who have had to bear the brunt of feudal system
  • I loved the way Debajani has kept the story tight and strongly woven together. Each character in the book is properly shaped up according to their importance in the story.

What I didn’t love? The cover of the book does injustice to the book! How much we say the book is judged by its cover and that’s a strong case in this… the cover throws the reader off the radar when instead they must be actually picking up the book.

I strongly recommend all to buy this one! You can order it from Amazon



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