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Rudraksha *Review*

An amazing compilation that talks about faith


When the world is gripped with jealousy, hatred, anger and bitterness, what do we do? When we have no one to turn to and voice ourselves, whom do we remember first?

Rudraksha, edited by Sutapa Basu and published by Readomania is a really wonderful compilation of stories that redeem our lost faith in the Power of Goodness and the Power of Gods (of either gender).

Should you feel withdrawn due to the problems in life or feel that the world is turning for the worst, this book is the best buy. It doesn’t preach but gently guides the thoughts to positivity and hope through the stories.

This is a beautiful book to redeem the idea of “faith” irrespective of religion. Though the Gods depicted are followed by Hindus the idea of the stories can be applied to any person of any caste or religion. That’s the real beauty of this book.

Ohh… I won’t say more since this is a unique book of its kind and I suggest everyone to pick it and read it! Hope Floats……

(Yes, you may find the review short, but trust me… you just pick up the book and check it out for yourself how simplicity in words can be so astoundingly profound in thought level)




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